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Congratulations on your acceptance to the University of Southern Indiana! Can’t wait to be a Screaming Eagle? Accept your admissions offer and let us know you will be joining the USI family by submitting the enrollment deposit. Then, get a head start on the next steps by submitting your immigration documents and activating you myUSI portal. 

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Here are your next steps:

Post Admission Documentation

In order to receive your immigration documents to apply for an F-1 or J-1 visa (I-20 or DS-2019), you must provide financial documentation as evidence of the ability to pay fees and expenses for one year. All financial documents must be no older than six months. In most cases, you will also need the financial documentation at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate when applying for your student visa.

Calculate Funding

International students may submit a personal bank statement or sponsor’s bank statement as financial documentation. If you will be sponsored by a family member or another individual, you must also submit the Financial Sponsor Statement.

U.S. immigration regulations for F-1 and J-1 visas allow you to apply for dependent visas for your spouse and children. If you plan to bring your spouse or children to the U.S. with you, you must add an additional $3,000 per dependent to your total.

Estimated Expenses for 2022-2023



Estimated Cost of Attendance for an Academic Year
(Fall and Spring Semesters)
Tuition - based on 30 credit hours $20,460
First Semester Only Fees $475
University Fees $850
On-Campus Housing $5,170
On-Campus Meal Plan $4,788
Textbooks $1,248
Mandatory Health Insurance $1,530
Personal Expenses Estimate $2,000
Total Estimated Cost $36,496*

Intensive English Program

Estimated Cost of Attendance One Year
(4 sessions)
(1 session)
Tuition $11,800   $2,950
First Semester Only Fees $475   $475
University Fees $850   $425
On-Campus Housing $5,170   $2,575
On-Campus Meal Plan $4,788   $1,200**
Textbooks No Cost   No Cost
Mandatory Health Insurance $1,530   $306
Personal Expenses Estimate $2,000   $450
Total Estimated Cost $26,588*   $7,324*


Estimated Cost of Attendance for an Academic Year
(Fall and Spring Semesters)
Tuition - based on 18 credit hours $14,694
First Semester Only Fees $175
University Fees $820
On-Campus Housing $5,168
On-Campus Meal Plan $4,604
Textbooks $1,248
Mandatory Health Insurance $1,470
Personal Expenses Estimate $2,000
Total Estimated Cost $30,179*

* Estimated expenses do not include the cost of transportation, the $40 application fee, $50 housing application fee, or $200 housing pre-payment. The USI Board of Trustees will set tuition rates for 2022-2023 in July 2022. Students who take classes and live on campus during the summer can expect to spend an additional $6,227 - $10,000 depending on various enrollment factors.
** Meal plans are limited during summer. This estimate accounts for expected food and grocery expenses.

First Semester Only Fees include Matriculation fee, Enrollment fee, Assessment fee 
University Fees include University Service fee, Transportation fee, Student Activity fee, Health Office Visit Plan fee, Counseling Center fee, Housing Student Activity fee

Statement of Finances
To assist in providing proof of your finances, we have a Statement of Finances form for you to complete and have signed by your financial sponsor and submit with your bank statement(s). 

Fall 2022-Spring 2023 Statement of Finances 

Submit Your Post-Admission Documentation


Thank you for completing the admissions process to the University of Southern Indiana! In order to receive your immigration documents to apply for an F-1 or J-1 visa (I-20 or DS-2019), you must also provide the following documents: 

  • Proof of Finances: Bank Statement, scholarship award letter, etc. *
  • Statement of Finances: If you are sponsored by a family member or another individual
  • Passport Copy *
  • U.S. Visa (if applicable)
  • SEVIS Transfer Request: (SEVIS transfer for F-1; if you have a J-1 Visa please contact Center for International Programs)

All required immigration documents can be faxed or uploaded

Once you have been admitted to the University of Southern Indiana and the required documents listed above have been received, USI will express mail your Acceptance Packet, which will contain your acceptance letter and I-20 or DS-2019 to the address provided on your admissions application.


After you receive an I-20 or DS-2019 from the University of Southern Indiana or your program sponsor, you will need to obtain an F-1 student visa or a J-1 exchange visitor visa to be eligible to attend USI. We recommend that you consult the U.S. Department of State website to learn about the visa application process.

In summary, the visa process will consist of the following steps:

  • Complete the online Nonimmigrant Visa Application, Form DS-160
  • Pay the I-901 SEVIS fee
  • Gather Required Documentation

We suggest that admitted students prepare the following documentation for the visa interview:

  • Visa application forms
  • Passport valid for six months beyond the date you will enter the U.S.
  • Photograph that meets specifications
  • Receipt for the visa application fee
  • I-20 or DS-2019
  • I-901 SEVIS fee payment receipt
  • Acceptance letter from the University of Southern Indiana
  • Evidence of sufficient financial documentation
  • Evidence of ties to your home country*

* When preparing for your visa interview, we highly recommend reviewing these 10 Points to Remember When Applying for a Student Visa. Most importantly, just remember to remain calm and answer all of the Officer’s questions openly and honestly.

For further assistance with the application process and other information on studying in the U.S., you may also wish to contact an educational advisor at the advising center in your country. (EducationUSA has a listing of the 450 advising centers worldwide).

If you currently hold a valid F-1 status and wish to attend USI, learn about SEVIS Transfer.

Health Requirements

As you prepare for your journey to USI, a visit to your family physician and dentist will ensure that you are in good health before you leave and could help with any potentially preventable emergency situations in the future. Not to mention, it could save you a lot of money. Be sure to update your health records, including eyeglass prescriptions and any regular medications.


Indiana State law requires that all new students show proof of basic immunizations. You have two options to show proof of immunizations. 1) Before you come to the United States, make an appointment to see your family Physician. At that time have your Physician complete the Immunization Form. 2.) You also have the option to provide a copy of your immunization records.

All documentation of immunizations must include the day, month, and year of the vaccination and be translated in English if necessary.  You may submit records before you arrive at USI via e-mail to, or you can bring your records with you to orientation. Turning your records in to the Center for International Programs at orientation allows us to keep a copy for your records.

To comply with the immunization law, all new students must provide documentation for the following: 

  • MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella)
    • Dose one: after first birthday
    • Dose two: at least 30 days after dose one 
  • Tetanus/diphtheria (TD booster/Tdap) 
    • Vaccination must have taken place within the past 10 years. 
  • Meningitis 
  • Tuberculosis
    • This test must be administered in the United States by a medical professional.
    • You can get this test done at USI’s University Health Center during orientation 

For immunization questions, please refer to the University Health Center’s Immunization Policy.

Mandatory Health Insurance


All international students (F-1 or J-1 visa holders and J-1 dependents) must have adequate health insurance while enrolled at the University of Southern Indiana. The University health insurance program offers comprehensive coverage designed for international students. There are three enrollment periods per calendar year; spring, summer and fall. Exchange students or other international students who only enroll for one semester can purchase coverage for that period of time. International students must enroll in the university provided health insurance unless they have insurance provided by a sponsor (IREX, ISEP, SACM, World Learning). 

The current rate for the university provided health insurance is $155 per month. (Updated as of 6/21/2022) 

Exchange programs funded through the US Department of State provide comprehensive health insurance for the duration of your exchange, either through a third party provider or through our University insurance program.  Participants of the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP) are required to enroll in the ISEP health insurance program in order to finalize your placement at USI.

Participants of a direct exchange program are required to enroll in our health insurance program in order to finalize your enrollment at USI.


USI students overwhelmingly agree that Housing and Residence Life offers you the privacy you want, the services you need, and the responsibility you deserve!

The University of Southern Indiana has two housing options for students:

  • Residence Halls are primarily for freshmen and are designed as suite-style housing that include two-bedrooms and two bathrooms for four students.

  • Campus Apartments are available for all students with the exception of students with families. Each apartment comes fully furnished with a full-sized living room and kitchen.

First-year students have the opportunity to apply to be a part of our dynamic and interactive Theme Living Communities (TLCs). This who choose to join a TLC are immersed in a true living and learning environment by living in close proximity to other students who share the same major or interest and attend classes together.

Travel Preparations

To ensure that you are as prepared as possible, be sure to thoroughly review the previous tabs and complete all necessary steps. The travel information below should serve as your final pre-departure resource before leaving your home country.

EducationUSA Pre-Departure Seminars

Contact your local EducationUSA Advising Center for helpful information on studying in the U.S. as well as pre-departure webinars. You can also click here for a searchable map of when and where orientations are scheduled within the EducationUSA network.

Pre-Departure Orientation- July 11th, 2022

Each semester, the University of Southern Indiana hosts a pre-departure orientation for newly admitted international students. This live webinar is designed to help you navigate the visa and arrival process. Not only will you have the opportunity to talk with USI's Immigration Advisor, but you will also meet Orientation Assistants and have opportunities to ask any questions. Please check your email regularly back for link to connect and additional information on USI's next pre-departure orientation. 

Predeparture Resources

Travel Information

Arrival in Evansville
Students may not use the F-1 visa or J-1 visa to enter the U.S. for the first time until 30 days before their program start date (on page 1 of the I-20 form or DS-2019 form). An immigration inspector may deny you entry into the U.S. if you use the visa earlier than this 30-day period. Please consider that date carefully when making your travel plans.

Please plan to arrive in the U.S. in time to participate in the International Orientation Program that will take place August 16th, 2022. Plan to attend all of the activities which are designed to assist in your adjustment to the University and the Evansville community. Undergraduate students may need to take one or two English language courses for credit during the fall semester, depending on the results of the placement tests. Housing may not be available if you arrive before August 15th, 2022.

Please complete the Arrival Information Form to let us know the date, time, and flight information for your arrival at the airport (or bus station) in Evansville. We can arrange to meet you if you need transportation to USI. If you have questions about your arrival, you may contact us via email at (

What to Bring

View our online list of suggestions of What to Bring.

Here are some additional packing suggestions from past and present USI international students.

Clothes that you love. Feel free to express yourself through your own culture. —Maria Andreou

Make sure you bring some of your country's own music that you like, because chances are there will be some music here that you won't like. —Ryan Hughes

Look into the benefits of getting an international student ID card. It can come in handy for discounts before you receive your USI student ID. —Yoon-Hee Kim

Try to bring some things from your country. The Global Community has bi-weekly programs where you can share with others about your country. Also the International Club has an Annual Food Expo and it is nice to have something from home to display. —Ararat Mardoyan

Books in your own language are great and help you not to forget your native language. —Despo Polemiditou

If you can, bring your own laptop. You can borrow one from the library and there are many computer labs on campus, but having your own is more of a convenience. —Tom Gibbons

You don't really need fancy clothes, but it is a good idea to bring a nice outfit or suit. —Yoon-Hee Kim

You can never have enough little gifts from your country to thank people here. You will be surprised how much people help you, and it's nice to thank them with something from your country. —Stijn Mentrop

Some electrical appliances such as an electric razor or hair dryer will not work with the American system. If you have an adapter it would be good to bring it if needed. Adapters that are available in America convert 110 currents to 220, but not the opposite so they will not work. —Per Rosengren

Bring a camera to remember your time at USI. —Giselle Fernandez

Don't forget to bring any medicines you take from home and prescriptions for things like glasses, contacts, etc. —Anne-Claire Limon

Bring home comforts. There's an international market in town, but they may not have everything you're looking for. —Tom Gibbons

Bring a winter jacket/heavy coat with you if you can. Also be prepared for all types of weather- it can be cold and snowy the beginning of the week and by the end it will be summer-like weather. —Giselle Fernandez

Try to obtain an international license in your country before you arrive.  It will help you to be able to get around, especially if you'll be here for a short time. —Mario Jaiswal

Be prepared to get involved. I challenge you to seize the moment and get involved in social activities on campus, connect with people, participate in community service - you will not regret it. —Meschac Gervais

Virtual Tour

About Evansville


Arriving Here

We are so excited for you to join our USI community!  Please confirm your arrival and let us know your travel plans by completing the Arrival Information Form.

Traveling to the United States

As you make travel plans it is important that you pay attention to the program start date listed on your I-20 or DS-2019. You are not permitted to enter the U.S. more than 30 days before the start date on your immigration document. U.S. Customs and Border Protection may deny you entry into the U.S. if you arrive earlier than this 30-day period.

Arriving after the program start date may cause you to be denied entry, or prevent you from registering for classes. Please contact us at if you will not able to arrive by the program start date listed on your I-20 or DS-2019.

Traveling to Evansville

The Center for International Programs wants to ensure that your arrival is both safe and comfortable. To make sure this happens, we ask that students beginning in Fall 2022 arrive in Evansville, Indiana on Monday, August 15th, 2022. If you arrive earlier we cannot guarantee that on-campus housing arrangements and food services will be available. Please complete and submit the Arrival Information Form to let us know your travel plans.

The nearest airport to the University of Southern Indiana is Evansville Regional Airport (EVV). The Center for International Programs provides Evansville airport and Greyhound pickup services before orientation each semester. Be sure to bring all immigration documents with you, as well as your local address and emergency contact information. Additional orientation details will be provided closer to your arrival.


The Center for International Programs would like to invite you to a special orientation program to help you adjust as you begin this new journey! You will need your passport, I-20 or DS-2019, $15 or $65 for the TB test, and immunization records. 

Plans are still being finalized for the Fall 2022 in person orientation schedule, but you can view the preliminary orientation schedule below to get an idea on topics that will be covered.  Please note that the schedule may change before you arrive. You will be given more information about the online orientation modules that must be completed before arriving to USI and activities we have planned by email. The completion of the online orientation is mandatory for all.

Tuesday, August 16th
Check-in and Getting Started sessions
Immigration, Tour of Evansville and shopping

Wednesday, August 17h
Placement tests and Academics

Thursday, August 18th
Welcome Week events

Friday, August 19h
Welcome Week events

Saturday, August 20th
Welcome Week Events

Sunday, August 21th
Welcome Week events

Your orientation assistants are here to welcome you to USI, to make you feel at home, and to help you get settled. Feel free to use them as a resource, in addition to the CIP office. Your international orientation assistants for 2022-2023 are:

  • Eva Chung – Panama
  • Ashley Patino
  • Ashley Arauz
  • Matea Radovic
  • Gabriela F. – Panama
  • Ivys Q. – Panama
  • Moise Kayuni

Transfer Credit

Credits earned through educational institutions located outside the United States will be considered for transfer credit after an appropriate evaluation. Educational institutions must be recognized by the Ministry of Education (or other accrediting body) of the respective country in order for credit to be accepted. USI will evaluate transcripts for transfer credit after the student has been admitted. 

If a student has attended an undergraduate or graduate program outside the U.S. and wished to earn transfer credit, the university must receive the following items in order to conduct a Transfer Credit Evaluation:

  1. Final, Official Academic Records - photocopies not accepted 
  2. Course descriptions available from the school website and/or class syllabi translated into English
  3. Official information on the institution's grading system  

We reserve the right to request students to send their documents to an evaluation agency for a course-by-course evaluation report if necessary. 

Learn more about Transfer Credit By Exam

For a preliminary evaluation of your transfer credits, use USI's Transfer Evaluation Self-Service (TESS).


Schedule a 30-minute individual virtual appointment with an admissions counselor via video or voice to learn more about USI, the admission process and next steps.

Not Planning To Attend USI?

If you have been admitted to USI but do not plan to attend, please let us know by completing the USI Withdrawal Form.


International Admissions

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