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Find your home!

You’re curious. You’re eager to start college. You want to live in a community with students who share your interests. And maybe you even want a little TLC.

There’s a place for that! 

Check out USI's Theme Living Communities (TLCs, formerly known as Living Learning Communities) for first year students. 

In a TLC, you'll live with other students who share your interests and dreams. And at USI, we create TLCs to match what YOU are excited about. When you apply for Housing, you'll tell us what themes you're most interested in. By the first week March, we'll unveil the TLCs for the following year! 

For 2022-2023, here are our six TLCs! 

College of Liberal Arts TLC - For all students in the College of Liberal Arts: arts, humanities, languages, social sciences, and more! CoLA is home to big thoughts, big dreams, and big opportunities. Find your cohort here!

Honors TLC - For all students in the Honors Program. Surround yourself with other curious, eager students!

Nursing & Health Professions TLC - For students with majors in the College of Nursing and Health Professions. Take Anatomy & Physiology with your TLC-mates and find study buddies. 

Recreation TLC - For students who love an active lifestyle, whether that's sports and fitness, outdoor adventures, or something else! Find friends to cheer you on and cheer you up.  

Screagles TLC - For any students who want community! Not sure which TLC is right for you, but know you want to be around other enthusiastic Screagles? Join this TLC. Open to everyone! 

STEM+ TLC - For all students with majors in the Pott College, including Education majors! Whether you're studying science, math, engineering, kinesiology and sport, or education, you'll find friends and fun here. 

What's the benefit of living in a TLC? 

  • Students in USI's Living Communities tend to have higher GPAs and report greater satisfaction with their first year of university! 

  • TLCs tend to be closer communities where students share majors or hobbies. You may find it easier to make friends or find study buddies in a TLC. Who knows...maybe you'll find your BFF or your future business partner!

  • You'll take UNIV 101 First Year Experience with your TLC-mates, so you're guaranteed to have at least one class full of familiar people. Each TLC will have a faculty Mentor to teach your UNIV 101 class. 

  • Students in the NHP TLC will also take Anatomy & Physiology I and II together (BIOL 121/122). Most majors in the College of Nursing and Health Professions require these classes--and you'll benefit from studying together!

  • Your Mentor will also arrange special events and activities for your TLC. Maybe you'll go see a movie, have a special dinner, or a video game tournament. You could meet local business people, volunteer to tutor kids, or work with a local non-profit. Paint a sidewalk mural, go kayaking--the sky's the limit! 

  • TLC students also move in a day earlier in August and have special activities during Welcome Week. 

Wait. I keep hearing about the "LLCs." What's the difference between an LLC and a TLC?

Not much. :) Our living communities have had a name change, so when former students talk about the LLCs, it's basically what our TLCs are now. The new TLCs also have fewer required classes, to give you even more freedom with your schedule. 

    How do I apply? 

    1. Apply for Housing, housing applications are available on December 1 on myUSI.
    2. Click on the red housing icon on the left and follow the instructions.
    3. After you've completed the main housing application, you will see a link to a special TLC application. You must complete the TLC application IN ADDITION to the main housing application. On the TLC application, you can rank the TLC options.
    4. That's it! :) You'll hear back from us by March 1st with a final list of TLC options for the academic year and you can make your choice then! 

    For general TLC questions, please .

    If you need more assistance, you can also contact , Director of Theme Living Communities.

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