Commit to USI

By submitting your enrollment deposit, you take the first step in becoming a Screagle and reserve your space in the class.

Still have a few questions? No problem! Take a look at some of our FAQ's! 

How much is the Enrollment Deposit?

The enrollment deposit is a one-time fee of $150.

When should a student submit the Enrollment Deposit?

The enrollment deposit opens as early as October. Students are encouraged to submit their deposit no later than May 1, National Decision Day. However, submitting the enrollment fee earlier may give students special benefits like priority course registration and housing selection. 

Why should a student pay the Enrollment Deposit?

The enrollment fee secures a student’s spot in the class and gives them access to important next steps such as advising and Orientation and housing. 

Is the Enrollment Deposit refundable?

For students beginning in the spring semester, the enrollment deposit is refundable until November 1. For students beginning in summer or fall, the enrollment fee is refundable until May 1st.  After November 1 (Spring) or May 1 (Summer/Fall) the fee is non-refundable. 

How do I pay the Enrollment Deposit?

You can pay online using any debit/credit card. (Available Oct 15th)

Can a student's Enrollment Deposit be deferred?

Yes, qualifying students experiencing financial hardship who have submitted their FAFSA may be eligible to defer their deposit. The enrollment deposit will be included in the first semester bill and can be paid with financial aid when it is dispersed. Generally, students who meet the following federal guidelines would qualify to have their deposit deferred:

  • Qualify for ACT/SAT fee waiver
  • Awarded Pell Grant as part of a financial aid package
  • Ward of the state
  • Live in a foster home or in foster care
  • Homeless or at risk of becoming homeless

    Request to defer your Enrollment Deposit.
Do all students have to pay the Enrollment Deposit?

All undergraduate degree seeking freshmen and transfer students are required to pay the enrollment deposit, but qualifying students are eligible to defer the fee to begin next steps. The form to request a fee deferment will be available October 18th.

Is the Enrollment Deposit legally binding?

The deposit is not legally binding and does not make a student financially responsible to USI for tuition and fees. However, after May 1, the deposit is non-refundable. 


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