What to Consider?

Choosing a study abroad program that will be the right fit can be difficult. While you are researching the opportunities, keep in mind some of the following questions:

The Fundamental Question 

Why do I want to study abroad, and what do I hope to gain from such an experience?

Personal Questions

  • What goals do I hope to attain from my experience abroad? (i.e. mastering a language, pursuing a specific hobby or area of interest?)
  • What skills do I already have and how developed are they?
  • What countries, regions, climates, etc. would I be comfortable living in and where would I definitely be unwilling to go?
  • When would be the ideal time to go? How long would I like to stay?
  • What are my preferences regarding a living situation (on my own, home stay, with other American students, with native/local students)?
  • Would I prefer total immersion in a culture or would I rather have other exchange students around? Am I willing to accept the possible loneliness of going overseas without a built-in network?

Practical Questions

  • What financial limitations do I need to take into consideration?
  • How much time can I take out of my academic schedule to go abroad?
  • How important is it to stay on a four year schedule?
  • Would I prefer classes in English or in another language?


Study Abroad

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