Mission and Goals

Mission Statement

The Intensive English Program at the University of Southern Indiana strives to provide quality English language instruction and cultural, social, and academic orientation to the United States for non-native students. Our student-centered teaching practices and well-trained, culturally diverse faculty prepare our students to be successful in university academic programs and/or to achieve professional and personal language goals. We support the students’ integration into the target academic and general culture while respecting their own cultures, traditions, and values. 

As part of the Center for International Programs, the Intensive English Program works to enhance the international dimensions of the University and to connect international students to the campus and local communities.

Goals for the Students

  • To prepare international students both in terms of English language and study skills to be successful in their academic studies at USI or to use the English language professionally or in social contexts.
  • To provide ongoing support to international students via various services.
  • To connect international students with other students at USI and the community to immerse them with the American culture.

Goals for the Faculty

  • To engage faculty members with the highest level of professional conduct, teaching skills and experience in teaching IEP students.
  • To support and engage faculty members in continuous professional development as well as the development and improvement of the IEP program.
  • To stay informed and up to date with research supporting best teaching practices.

Long Term Goals for the Program

  • To sustain the program's accreditation with the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation (CEA).
  • To continue building  and promoting the program's name and quality reputation through participation in professional associations and activities as well as recruitment efforts.
  • To continue serving as an English language proficiency testing center for the TOEFL test.
  • To develop special short term language projects and bring groups from international professional institutions to campus for English language skills development and Teacher Training.
  • To enhance community outreach with local companies, institutions, attend local fairs, etc. 
  • To continue to serve as an advocate for all international students.
  • To continue being engaged with other member organizations like EnglishUSA and NAFSA for additional support and information updates.

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Intensive English Program

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