Program Curriculum

Six levels of intensive English instruction focus on building language skills and cultural knowledge. All courses include classroom instruction, small and large group discussions, field trips and out-of-class work. Our student-centered approach to instruction focuses on language learners and their needs for success.

Classes are generally small - between 8 and 12 students, maximum 15, depending on the level. Smaller class sizes allow our students many opportunities to participate in meaningful class activities and receive individualized attention and feedback on progress. 

We also offer a preparatory level of English for absolute beginners.

All levels meet between 19-22 hours each week. 

After graduating from the Intensive English Program, most students can be considered ready to enroll in an academic program at the University. 


Students take the CaMLA placement test to determine the level at which they will begin the program.

Level  01 and 1

Students build the basis for developing language skills in classes using a wide range of resources and technology. Classes include the systematic presentation of basic grammar; everyday and general topics through simplified audio-visual materials, short discussions, dialogues, short presentations and basic compositions at a sentence level; and varied projects such as building their dictionary with new vocabulary, short video presentations, cultural trips and out-of-class homework.

Levels 2 - 4

Students take classes that focus on reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, as well as grammar and vocabulary relating to everyday life topics integrated in the skills class. Varied activities and projects such as journal compositions, presentations, discussions and dialogues, cultural/educational trips, language lab time and homework out of the classroom also are part of the program.

Levels 5 - 6

Students take classes and learn strategies that focus on academic preparation, such as extensive reading and essay writing, listening and note taking, presentation and grammar integration in oral communication. At these levels, integrative language skills and development are emphasized.

The focus in these classes is:

  • discussion and presentations on academic topics
  • note taking skills
  • ibtTOEFL preparation and test taking strategies
  • essay writing with library research for academic projects
  • proper citation
  • educational trips and homework outside the classroom

Achievement Scale

Students and stakeholders can see the achievement progress and attainment after the completion of each level.

View comparative level descriptions and outcomes for:


The Intensive English Program strives to provide multiple opportunities for students to learn and improve English. Information collected via this survey provides valuable insight that IEP staff can use to help current and future students. Ideally students would bring this survey to their advisors at mid-term advising. Students have the option to take the survey in English, Spanish and Arabic.
Please click HERE to take the survey.


Intensive English Program

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