Global Community Program

The Global Community apartment in Bayh is open to U.S. and international students interested in living in a unique living/learning environment. Residents learn more about the world through the exploration of cultures and global issues through a required one hour University 101 course (freshmen and exchange students) and by interacting with one another on a daily basis. The Global Community is sponsored by the Center for International Programs in cooperation with Residence Life. A resident assistant lives in the Global Community to help you with any issues that arise as well as serving as a mentor.

Benefits of the Global Community

  • Greater satisfaction overall with college experience
  • Increased opportunity for gratifying social experiences
  • High level of involvement and positive academic performance
  • Greater opportunity to integrate new learning into everyday life
  • Quicker adjustment to academic and social demands of USI life

About the Program
Programs include country, culture and activity nights, along with international fun nights. Residents are given the chance to plan and organize a program of their choosing for everyone to enjoy. The majority of these programs are open to the entire USI community, although special community-building programs are offered exclusively to residents of the Global Community. Trips are also occasionally offered that allow students to bond, participate in fun and educational events, and see more of the Midwest.

The Global Community allows friendships to develop across all cultures along with respect and appreciation for the world at large, while celebrating our colorful diversity.

The Global Community UNIV 101 is also open to any student who wants to learn more about campus and diversity. 

For more information about applying for the Global Community or enrolling in the UNIV 101 course, contact Emi Zlatkovska, Executive Director for International Programs in the Center for International Programs.

Applications for the Fall 2022-Spring 2023 year are open!  You will need to complete the housing application as well in order to secure your space in the Global Community. 


International Programs - Main office

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