Gender Inclusive Housing

What is gender inclusive housing?
Gender inclusive housing allows students to live with roommates and suitemates regardless of gender identity. If you want to live with others that match your gender (i.e., all female or all male) then DO NOT answer yes to Gender Inclusive Housing on the application.

What is the purpose of gender inclusive housing?
Housing and Residence Life recognizes that traditional same-gender room assignments (only female or only male) may not be appropriate for all students. Gender inclusive housing provides an environment that welcomes students of any gender and identity.

Who is eligible for gender inclusive housing?
Any student living on campus is eligible to live in gender inclusive housing.

Can I live with my romantic partner?
Students are encouraged to make mature decisions about their living arrangements and roommate choices. While living with a romantic partner is not encouraged, we respect the privacy of our students.

How will students be assigned to gender inclusive housing?
Students will be able to pick a gender inclusive apartment or residence hall suite during the room selection process. Gender inclusive spaces will be available throughout campus housing. Students must opt into gender inclusive housing prior to room selection.

Will students be randomly assigned to gender inclusive housing?
No. Gender inclusive housing is optional and students must choose the space during room selection. Students should indicate their preference for gender inclusive housing when completing the housing application. Prior to room selection an email will be sent to students with instructions on how to opt in/out of gender inclusive housing.

What if a student no longer wants to live in gender inclusive housing?
If a student no longer wants to live in gender inclusive housing, they must complete the room change request form and follow the room change process.

What if a vacancy occurs in gender inclusive housing?
If a vacancy occurs during the year, Housing and Residence Life will assign a student to the space who requests gender inclusive housing.

Is gender inclusive housing available during the summer?
Students interested in summer gender inclusive housing should indicate their preference on the summer contract. Please contact our office after the summer contract is available to discuss summer gender inclusive housing options. 

Will parents or guardians be notified if their student chooses gender inclusive housing?
Parental consent is not required for gender inclusive housing. Students are encouraged to discuss their intent to live in gender inclusive housing with parents or guardians.


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