Power Outage

Where to go?
If there is an extended power outage, the Residence Life Community Center will be open 24-hours until all power is restored to campus housing.

Students will receive electronic notification once power is restored.

Refrigerator Precautions
Open your refrigerator as few times as possible to preserve the food inside. Food in a refrigerator will last about four hours during a power outage and a full freezer will maintain its temperature for about 48 hours.

Water Pipes in Apartments (if power outage occurs during winter weather)
If you leave your apartment, please follow these precautions:

  • Turn on water in kitchen and bathroom sinks to a slow drip, with the stream just trickling.
  • Open kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors under the sinks. This allows the pipes to get more heat.

For additional information or periodic updates, please contact the Community Center at 812-468-2445.


Housing and Residence Life

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