Winter Car Care

Make sure terminals are tight and clean.  If lights seem dim or vehicle starts are sluggish, have the electrical system (including battery) checked by a technician.

Check coolant strength with a hydrometer.  Recommended protection level is -36 degrees.  Never check hot.

Check belts for cracks or fraying.  Check hoses for leaks, bulges, or cracks.  Make sure clamps are secure.

Windshield Washer/Wipers
Make sure reservoir is filled with washer solvent.  Replace wiper blades if needed.

Check oil, brake transmission, radiator coolant and power steering fluid levels.  Follow owner's manual directions.

Air Filter
Hold air filter up to a light.  If you can't see through it, replace it.

Inspect wear.  Check pressure with a gauge when tires are cold.  Refer to owner's manual for recommended air pressure and tread depth specifications.

Activate to make sure all work properly.

Survival Gear
These items are recommended to carry in your car during the winter months.

  • Ice scraper/brush
  • Coffee can furnace
  • Boots, gloves, hat, blanket
  • Tools, flashlight
  • Tire traction material such as sand or cat litter
  • Food
  • Jumper cables
  • First aid kit
  • Cell phone
  • Flares or reflective triangle
  • Shovel


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