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Interdisciplinary Colloquium

Space: The 14th Annual Interdisciplinary Colloquium
University of Southern Indiana College of Liberal Arts
Tuesday, April 19, 2022

(Ongoing) We invite you to explore online art exhibitions from the following participants—to view these submissions, click on the links in blue below:



Space: The 14th Annual Interdisciplinary Colloquium Program
NB: This event is hybrid—join us in person in Carter Hall or on Zoom at the links below!

# Denotes time slot with concurrent panels

Breakfast and Opening Remarks: Carter Hall D | See it on Zoom
8:30 – 8:45 Breakfast (bagels, pastries, fruit, coffee, tea, etc.)
8:45—8:50 Opening remarks from Dr. Melinda Roberts, Interim Dean of the College of Liberal Arts
8:50—8:55 Opening remarks from Colloquium Organizers

Panel 1: Spaces of Confinement. Chair: David O’Neil. Carter Hall D | See it on Zoom

  • Todd Schroer, Criminal Justice, “Where You Live and Whether You Live: The Residences of Jews and Survival During the Holocaust”
  • Laura Soderberg, English, “Confinement at Sea: Moby Dick as a Prison Novel”
  • Bartell Berg, World Languages and Cultures, “Political and Athletic Spaces: Radical Gymnasts and Nationalist Movements”

Panel 2: Everyday Space. Chair: Anthony Rintala. Carter Hall A-C | See it on Zoom

  • Tamara Hunt, History, “Conquering Space through Newspaper Networks: The New Harmony Gazette 1825-1828”
  • Robert Dickes, Art and Design, “World Burning Down”
  • “Exhausting Space,” Creative Writing Workshop Hosted by the Students of FREN 490: Quinn Arial, Jackson Cieslack, Grace Friona, Elizabeth Harden, Chey Miller, and Alison Prewitt

Panel 3: Political Space. Chair: Bartell Berg. Carter Hall D | See it on Zoom

  • Matthew Hanka and Nicholas LaRowe, Political Science, Public Administration, and Philosophy, “The Ideological and Geographical Divide in our American Political System”
  • Oana Armeanu, Political Science, Public Administration, and Philosophy, “How COVID-19, Economic Recession, and Populist Leaders Have Limited Political Participation”
  • Mary Hallock Morris, Political Science, Public Administration, and Philosophy, “Why Libraries Matter in a Free Society”

12:00—1:00 Independent Lunch Break; panels resume at 1:30 pm

1:15 Afternoon Refreshments Served (coffee, tea, baked goods, etc.) [ Carter Hall A-C/ Carter Hall D]

Panel 4: Sites of Presence and Absence. Chair. Todd Schroer. Carter Hall D | See it on Zoom

  • David O’Neil, English, “Filling in the Empty Spaces: A Study of the Medieval English Alliterative Tradition”
  • Norma Rosas Mayén and Manuel Apodaca Valdez, “The Judeo-Spanish Cemetery of Tétouan: Inhabited Memory of a Semiotic Space”
  • Tom Drury, Music, “The Whole-Tone Scale and Outer Space in Music

Panel 5: Collective and Individual Relationships to Space. Chair: Caroline Jalain. Carter Hall A-C | See it on Zoom

  • Monica O’Neil, Director of Service Learning, “Tricky Faces Occupying Tricky Spaces: Tricksters and their Archetypes in Frogs, Miles Gloriosus, and Volpone”
  • Alexandra Natoli, World Languages and Cultures, “The Road Away from Auschwitz: “Kitchen Table” Testimony in Holocaust Graphic Narratives”
  • Iris Williamson, Gallery Manager of the New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art, “Building a New Art World: Alternative & Artist-Run Art Spaces”

Panel 6: Utopian Spaces. Chair: Silvia Rode. Carter Hall D | See it on Zoom

  • Lucia Dahlquist, Undergraduate German and Global Studies Major, “Utopia on the Backs of Slaves”
  • Iris Williamson, Gallery Manager of the New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art, “Visualizing Spaces”
  • Andrew Buck, Sociology, “Rural Spaces of Innovation: New Harmony’s Utopian Socialist Experiment”
  • Taegan Garner, Undergraduate Sociology and Political Science Major, “Moving West: Transitioning to Rural Spaces.”
  • Rob Millard-Mendez, Art and Design, “Compelling Emptiness: The Power of the Void in Visual Art”

Panel 7: Spaces of Imagination. Chair: Michael Strezewski. Carter Hall A-C | See it on Zoom

  • Kevin Allton, English, “In the Cage”
  • Charis Greiwe, Undergraduate Psychology Major, “The Impact of Text and Background Color on Memory”
  • Matthew Hanka, Political Science, Public Administration, and Philosophy, “Placemaking Matters”
  • Greg Blair, Art and Design, “Rupture: Spatial Interventions in Artistic Practice”

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Support for the Interdisciplinary Colloquium is provided by the University of Southern Indiana and the College of Liberal Arts.

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