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Our dynamic sociology degree prepares you for today's fast pace changing job market

A sociology degree fosters skills and knowledge that are especially valuable during today's era of rapid social change. USI's bachelor's degree in sociology will equip you to understand—and to influence—current trends in social media, technology, politics, family structure, ethnic diversity and many other areas of society.

Our sociology degree combines classroom instruction with practical experience—you won't just learn from textbooks. As a sociology major, you'll develop skills that are in high demand on the job market, including:

  • Strong written and verbal communication
  • Creative problem-solving
  • Effective teamwork
  • Research and analysis skills
  • Statistical proficiency
  • Multicultural fluency

You'll take nearly all your sociology courses with experienced, PhD-holding, tenured or tenure-track faculty who are accessible outside the classroom. Most sociology classes are small in size, promoting student-faculty interaction.

To find out how a USI sociology degree can prepare you for career success, contact USI Admission at 800-467-1965.

Lay a strong career foundation with a sociology degree.

You can complete up to two internships while earning your sociology bachelor's degree from USI, gaining professional experience that pays off in the job market. In addition, you can design a semester-long sociology project on whatever subject interests you, culminating in a sociology research paper. Along the way, you'll gain skills and fluency in areas such as:

  • Social science research
  • Computer modeling
  • Statistics
  • Social media
  • Race and ethnicity
  • Wealth and poverty

USI sociology majors have gone on to success in many of the 21st century's most dynamic industries, including business, technology, health care, education, government and law. Contact USI Admission at 800-467-1965 to get more information about USI's dynamic sociology degree.

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