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Communication and Media

Communications is one of the most dynamic industries in the nation, employing more than a million people and providing hundreds of different career opportunities. The Communication and Media Department at the University of Southern Indiana offers Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degree options in four fields of study. For those pursuing graduate-level education opportunities in communication, the department also offers a Master of Arts in Communication degree.

Students can gain valuable skills by completing interdisciplinary minor programs in digital video and web development. The digital video minor is offered in collaboration with the Art and Design department, while the web development minor includes coursework from art and design and computer information sciences.

Communication Studies (CMST)

Do you want to be valued in your relationships, get hired in a competitive job market and make a difference in your community? A major in Communication Studies will provide you with the abilities needed to succeed at personal, professional, social and civic levels. You will learn to excel at written, oral, interpersonal and computer-mediated communication. A degree in CMST supports a wide range of careers, community services and personal development opportunities. The Communication Studies faculty at USI welcomes the opportunity to contribute to your education. Apply now and view course requirements for CMST majors and minors and begin gaining knowledge for life!


Journalism majors are well prepared for a variety of careers within the journalism industry and beyond. Journalists research and write stories, find and verify information, and create engaging content for multiple platforms online, on-air or in print. As a journalist, you will interview individuals in a wide range of circumstances, build source relationships and meet professionals who will guide and influence you as your career takes shape. Students in the journalism degree program have many opportunities to gain experience outside the classroom by working in student media, as well as internships with local, state and national publications. Learn more about journalism at USI.

Public Relations & Advertising (PRA)

Whether it’s tracking the latest trends on social media or creating a campaign to launch a brands newest product, the Public Relations and Advertising (PRA) major at USI prepares students to enter a fast-paced work environment full of opportunities.
Interested? Learn more about the skills and experience included in this program.

Radio & Television (RTV)

There's no better way to prepare yourself for the media industry than with a Radio and Television major at USI. As an undergraduate in RTV, you’ll become grounded in media production, analysis, and theory, along with practical hands-on training in creating, editing and producing digital media. Radio and Television majors learn how to produce and distribute audio and video programs, perform in front of a camera and microphone, and work behind the scenes in tying everything together. RTV graduates go on to become producers, directors and managers of the wide range of media pulsing through our world today.

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