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Master of Arts in Communication

The Master of Arts in Communication at the University of Southern Indiana is a comprehensive and integrated curriculum that bridges communication studies and mass communication areas and focuses on a strategic approach to the discipline.

Exposure to the broad spectrum of communication and mass media studies prepares students, who are primarily working professionals, for advancement in a variety of communication and media professions and services.

The Master of Arts in Communication program provides students with an interdisciplinary approach to problem solving in the field of communication. Students can expect to examine a variety of problems through the lens of communication in diverse areas:

  • Technological change
  • International relations
  • Conflict and negotiation
  • Organizational functioning
  • Personal relationships
  • Regional economic development
  • Corporate responsibility
  • Community outreach
  • Consensus and coalition building

The program deliberately adopts pedagogical techniques, such as a case study approach, that develop students’ problem-solving abilities and critical thinking skills.

The hands-on capstone experience connects students' learning experience with real-life problems and will provide a service to the community. For students who want to pursue advanced graduate studies, a thesis option also is offered, allowing them to gain experience in academic research. Students may also select a non-thesis/capstone option.

Major requirements can be found on the USI Graduate Bulletin

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