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Scavone Awards

Alumnus John M. Lawrence ’73 created the Scavone Awards (one student award and one faculty award biennially) to gratefully acknowledge the profound personal impact that Professor Emeritus Daniel Scavone of History and Carolyn Scavone have made on academic scholarship in general and on the students and faculty at USI in particular.

Two $1,000 awards are available.  One award is open to undergraduate and graduate students or alumni of both the University of Southern Indiana and the University of Evansville.  The second award is open to faculty of the University of Southern Indiana or the University of Evansville.

The following guidelines pertain to both students/alumni and faculty. 

Submission Criteria:

  • Completed projects must be based upon the study of one or more medieval manuscripts, including considerations of the arts and crafts of illumination and paleography.
  • Projects must include substantial reference to one or more of the following fields or components, ideally as many as possible: history, art, philosophy, theology, language (translation), cultural influences, composition (design, technique, symbolism).
  • Acceptable projects include scholarly research papers, artwork, theatrical tableaus, musical compositions, et cetera.
  • The project must not simply be an analysis of the content of medieval manuscripts (as through editions of primary texts). Facsimiles or high-quality digitized images may be used as primary materials in lieu of access to the original medieval documents.

Submission Policy: 

  • All submissions must be accompanied by an explanatory abstract/essay of up to five (5) typed, double-spaced pages, which describes the intent and outcome of the project as well as how the project relates to the criteria of the Scavone Awards.
  • Provide also a list of works cited, with references in APA, MLA, or Chicago Style. 
  • The project must be submitted in its entirety along with the explanatory essay, in both original format ("hard copy") and electronic form (on disc or by email attachment). The one exception to submission of the original would be in the case of oversized works or dramatic performances. Only in these cases may high-quality photographs or videos/DVDs replace the original.
  • If the project is a course assignment (e.g. teaching students paleographic and illumination skills), candidates must include a portfolio (both hard copy and on CD), providing an overview of the assignment’s construction and goals and demonstrating how student work and activities achieved the assignment’s objectives.
  • The student or faculty member's name, address, and contact information must be listed on a current curriculum vitae accompanying the submission. No information that identifies the student or faculty member should appear anywhere on the project or cover essay. Each entry will be judged on the degree to which it specifically incorporates and addresses the required elements, as well as on the academic excellence of all portions of the submission.  

For additional guidelines, please see Faculty Guidelines and Student Guidelines.

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