University of Southern Indiana

Space 2022 - Robert Dickes


Artist Statement: During the Covid lockdown in the spring and summer of 2020 I found comfort in daily campfires. Our world was flipped upside down as we were forced into isolation from our fellow mankind. Home was once our sanctuary from the world and now it had become our prison keeping us from society. 

My wife and I found solace in sitting back with a beer and enjoying a campfire on an almost daily basis. We would Facetime and text friends and family to grab some kind of human interaction. Most of all, I watched the quivering flames that were so mesmerizing that I was able to let go of the world burning down around us. The fire became a metaphor of the world around me. 

I am submitting this work as a reference to my relationship with space during a lockdown. I photographed every fire we made that summer without any purpose for the images. I only knew that capturing the essence of the burn was important because it was like retreating into a space deep in my mind that no one else could see. 

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