University of Southern Indiana

Colloquium Video Presentations

Afro-Hispanic Linguistic Remnants in Mexico. The Case of the Costa Chica Region
Dr. Norma Rosas Mayén
October 2021

Punishing the Powerful: A Study of Prosecutorial Misconduct in the Era of Ethics Reforms
Dr. Caroline Jalain
September 2021

Pocahontas and Settler Memory in the Appalachian West and South
Dr. Kristalyn Shefveland
January 2021

Improving Students' Ability to Evaluate Arguments: What, How, & Why?
Dr. Sri Dandotkar
December 2020

The Perils of Plastics: A Primer for Business Ethics 
Dr. Mary Lyn Stoll
November 2020

Assessing Substance Abuse and Mental Health Needs in a Midwest County Jail
Dr. Laura Lutgen-Nieves
October 2020

Adapting Historical Time and Place in Young Adult Novels
Dr. Amy L. Montz
September 2020

Dr. Crystal Steltenpohl

Coming Soon

Finding the Flexibility in Workplace Flexibility
Jessica Rick
February 2020

Winning in Writing: Approaches to Drafting a Novel
Dr. Casey Pycior
November 2019

Innovative Approaches to Research: A Case Study for Social Media as Archives
Dr. Cacee Hoyer
November 2019

Colorblindness: A Visual Art Resource
Dr. Joseph Uduehi
October 2019

My Time Behind Bars: Going to Prison and Jail for Research
Dr. Melissa Stacer
September 2019

Mrs. Katie Waters
May 2019

How Housing First Puts Us On A Path to End Homelessness
Dr. Matt Hanka
March 2019

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