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Reading Placement

Mandatory placement in an entry level reading course is required if the placement indicates the course is necessary.  Students are exempt from a Reading course if they officially transfer 9.0 or more hours of college credit to USI. 

The appropriate level course for all other students is determined by the SAT/ACT Reading score or by high school grade point average if a test score is not available. If none of these are available, then an ACCUPLACER Reading test will be required.

Course   (Descriptions)

ACT Reading score SAT EBRW* score SAT Critical Reading subscore Without ACT or SAT test scores Accuplacer score

University Reading Level (UREAD)

17 and higher 480 and higher 23 or higher High school GPA 3.0 or higher 253 and higher
GENS 151 Less than 17 Less than 480 Less than 23 High school GPA 2.99 or lower less than 253
Placement test required No Scores or scores older than 5 years No Scores or scores older than 5 years No Scores or scores older than 5 years No GPA or GPA older than 5 years

*SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing

Students who place into GENS 151 must take the GENS 151 course. 

Students who need to take the placement test should refer to the section “General Placement Testing Information” for information about taking the placement test.

Reading Placement Test

Students who do not have SAT/ACT scores or an available high school GPA will need to take an Accuplacer Reading test.

The Reading placement test is administered using the computerized ACCUPLACER test.

  • The test is untimed, allowing students to work at their own pace.
  • ACCUPLACER provides an adaptive testing environment. This means that if a student answers a question correctly, the next question will be at the same level or more difficult.  If a student answers incorrectly, the next question will be at the same level or easier.  Points are awarded according to the level of difficulty of the question.
  • Students who think they can improve their placement can take the Reading placement test. The test must be completed at least two weeks before their Orientation session.
  • One retest is permitted for Reading, but the student must wait at least a week before retaking the test

Questions regarding reading placements can be directed to the Reading Specialist, , by email or by phone at 812/464-1743.

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