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Academic Skills offers a variety of tutoring programs for students at the University of Southern Indiana. Our peer tutors and academic coaches complete comprehensive training and are certified through the National Tutoring Association.

All tutoring in Academic Skills is free of charge.

In-person subject-based tutoring in select subjects is available on a walk-in basis (no advanced appointment required). See the schedule for time and subject availability.

Writing tutors are available for in-person appointments, and walk-in sessions will be available if no appointment is scheduled for a particular time slot. Remote appointments might be available upon request.

To schedule in-person or online appointments with a writing consultant, use the AdvisorTrac/TutorTrac icon in myUSI. The icon looks like this: Go to the Advisortrac app

If you need assistance with this process, view the PowerPoint or call Academic Skills at 812/464-1743. 

Math Tutoring

Skilled math tutors, recommended by the math department faculty, are available to assist students with their math classes:

  • Completing math homework or studying for tests in classes up through Calculus I, MATH 230 (beyond this course, help may be limited)

  • Computer programs that accompany some math courses

  • The Praxis math test (required for all education majors)

All math tutors complete an extensive training program led by the Academic Skills staff.

Subject-Based Tutoring

Subject-based peer tutoring provides students with individualized, content-specific assistance in a variety of courses.

All subject-based tutors complete an extensive training program led by the Academic Skills staff and are supervised by Learning Specialist, .

For specific subjects and times, see the complete tutor schedule linked on the right.

The Writers' Room

The Writers' Room (ED 1102) serves as a resource for undergraduate writers by providing assistance from peer writing consultants, a comfortable writing environment, and reference materials.

For writing assignments in any class and at any stage of the writing process, peer writing consultants can provide students with guidance and feedback:

  • Understanding assignments
  • Audience
  • Brainstorming
  • Citing
  • Drafting
  • Editing
  • Elaborating and supporting ideas
  • Focusing
  • Understanding grammar
  • Organizing
  • Researching and using source material
  • Revising
  • Using correct and effective sentence structure
  • Thesis development

All writing consultants complete an extensive training program led by the Academic Skills staff and are supervised by Writing Specialist .

Online Writing Lab

Students can send an essay to for feedback from a writing consultant.
The email message should include:

  • A note describing the assignment
  • The help needed
  • The class and professor
  • The due date of the assignment

A writing consultant will respond initially within 48 hours, except on Fridays and weekends. If all of the information above is not included, it could delay review of the paper.

If you have any questions, please contact our Writing Specialist, .

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