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Advising Centers


Students are encouraged to schedule an appointment through AdvisorTrac or by calling the advising center of their intended major or the Center for Exploring Majors. Students may email any questions or concerns to their assigned academic advisor or to USI.Advising For additional contact information please click here.

Walk-In hours will be limited and may require longer wait periods due to volume; please plan ahead and make an appointment.

Academic Advising at USI starts the moment students are accepted, and our advisors help build relationships that can last well beyond graduation. From day one, we work tirelessly to help students by answering questions, providing instructions, and guiding them towards their goals. Our professional advisors and faculty members work with students to help them register for classes and —just as important— act as a lifeline when they need help understanding college processes.

We review schedules each semester to ensure each student is on track for graduation. We reach out after the first three weeks of the term and again after midterms, connecting students with free on-campus resources or to simply say “congratulations!” We also check in a few times during the semester to see how they are handling the transition from high school to college or from summer/winter break back to campus. We actively listen to each student’s goals and help create a realistic framework for their success. Our job does not stop at graduation: we often write recommendation letters for graduate schools or provide references for job applications.

Each student's faculty advisor and professional academic advisor truly care about every student and wants them to be successful. To learn more about our Advising Centers, choose a college below.

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