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If a course is full, students may have the option to add themselves to an electronic waitlist via myUSI.

Not all courses utilize a waitlist. When looking up classes through myUSI, sections that utilize a waitlist appear on the search results with a waitlist capacity (WL CAP) greater than zero; WL ACT shows the number of students currently on the list. To add yourself to a waitlist, follow the waitlist instructions.

Being on a waitlist does not guarantee registration in a class, and students will not be automatically enrolled. Each student must register themselves in a course when/if a seat becomes available.

Once you add yourself to the waitlist, it is your responsibility to check your myUSI email daily to see if a seat has become available. If a seat becomes available, an email will be sent to notify you of how much time you have to register for the class (typically 24 hours). If you do not register for the section within the time period indicated, you will be dropped from the waitlist and the next student on the list will be notified. If the limit expires and you have not completed the registration process, you would need to add yourself to the waitlist again; your name would be added to the bottom of the waitlist.

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