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The Registrar's Office is responsible for maintaining the integrity, accuracy, and utility of the academic records at USI. Proper record management facilitates regulatory compliance and helps ensure administrative integrity of student data. Control is maintained by adherence to professional, governmental, and accreditation guidelines.

812-464-1762 or 800-467-1965 (#3)
812-464-1911 (Fax)
Email the Registrar's Office
(students should always include their full name and student ID number in University correspondence)

Administrative Staff

Sandy Frank
Mrs. Sandy Frank
Contact: 812-464-1761
Robert D. Orr Center 1085

  • Director, supervise all Registrar tasks and processes
  • Commission for Higher Education Reporting
Angel Nelson
Mrs. Angel Nelson
Associate Registrar
Contact: 812-465-1626
Robert D. Orr Center 1084

  • Commencement Coordinator
  • Banner testing and training
  • Banner security request processing
  • Course request processing
  • Curriculum editing
Melissa Miller
Ms. Melissa Miller
Assistant Registrar
Contact: 812-461-5263
Robert D. Orr Center 1082

  • Readmission recruiting
  • Class schedule creation and processing
  • TLC coordination and registration
  • Academic calendar, Registrar web site, other publications
William Pool
Mr. William Pool
Assistant Registrar
Contact: 812-465-1191
Robert D. Orr Center 1083

  • Academic Dismissal/Provisional Readmission processing
  • General Commencement preparation
  • Subpoena processing
  • Study Abroad transcript processing
Tracy Sinn
Ms. Tracy Sinn
Assistant Registrar
Contact: 812-465-1078
Robert D. Orr Center 1079

  • Degree Audit System management
  • Transfer evaluation management
  • Publish undergraduate and graduate eBulletins
John Baburnich
Mr. John Baburnich
Student Records Data Manager
Contact: 812-464-1969
Robert D. Orr Center 1081

  • Cognos report generation
  • Cognos updates and upgrades

Support Staff

Mara Ansbro
Mrs. Mara Ansbro
Transfer Credit Coordinator
Contact: 812-465-7171
Robert D. Orr Center 1078

  • Transfer credit evaluation
  • Process CLEP, AP, Military & Departmental Exam credit
  • Schedule revision processing
  • Transcript request processing
  • Schedule revision processing
  • Total withdrawal processing
  • Grade Change and Incomplete Grade processing
  • Readmission application processing
  • Enrollment verification processing
  • Clearinghouse data editing
  • E-bulletin data checking/editing
  • Name/SSN change processing
Jennifer Day
Mrs. Jennifer Day
Senior Administrative Assistant
Contact: 812-461-5370
Robert D. Orr Center 1075

  • CAP class registration
  • Total withdrawal processing
  • Change of Major processing
  • Change of Status processing
Abigail Kercher
Mrs. Abigail Kercher
Custodial Worker
Contact: 812-465-1111
Physical Plant Service Center

  • Class schedule editing
  • Class additions and cancellations
  • Room changes
  • Instructor changes
  • Class cap changes
Administrative Assistant
  • Answer general inquiries
  • Schedule Revision processing
  • Total Withdrawal processing
  • Change of Address processing
Tiffany  Porter
Mrs. Tiffany Porter
Administrative Associate
Contact: 812-464-1761
Robert D. Orr Center 1075

  • Formal Applications for Graduation processing
  • Honors calculation
  • General Commencement preparation
  • Grade Change and Incomplete Grade processing
Kimberly Ruffin
Ms. Kimberly Ruffin
Senior Administrative Assistant
Contact: 812-465-1038
Robert D. Orr Center 1075

  • Transfer credit evaluation
  • Networking with other institutions regarding course evaluation and equivalencies

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