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Schedule Planner Help

The following videos provide more detailed information about using Schedule Planner:

Schedule Planner Instructions

  1. Log on to myUSI (
  2. Click on the self-service icon
  3. Click on the Student tab
  4. Click on the Registration menu
  5. Select “Schedule Planner”
  6. Select the term and click “Save And Continue”
  7. Select one or more campuses and click “Save And Continue”
  8. Select courses by clicking on the “+Add Course” button. You can add courses by:
    a. *NEW* One-Click Degree Plan Import (helps keep you "on track" for graduation)
    b. *NEW* Searching by instructor
    c. *NEW* Searching by multiple attributes (for example, courses that meet more than one Core 39 category)
    d. searching on subject area (for example, Mathematics, Art, or Economics)
    e. using your locked 4-year degree plan in DegreeWorks (if applicable-see below)
  9. Add Break(s) by clicking on the “+Add Break” button; name the break
  10. Click on “Generate Schedules” to view all possible schedules with open, conflict-free course sections
  11. Select a schedule and click “View”
  12. When you're eligible to register, Click “Send to Shopping Cart” and “OK”
  13. From the shopping cart, click “Register” to complete the registration process

Helpful Hints

  1. *NEW* Schedule Planner will warn you if you add a course that requires a co-requisite but you haven't added the co-req to your schedule
  2. *NEW* Schedule Planner will warn you if you add a course that is not on your locked 4-year degree plan (if applicable). This is especially important if you receive Federal financial aid.

To add courses from a DegreeWorks plan:
      You can do this two ways:

  1.  *NEW* From the main menu, follow the link in the blue box indicating your degree plan shows courses for the selected term (this is the One-Click Degree Plan Import mentioned above).
  2. Or, In the Add Course section, select DegreeWorks tab, then Check each course, then "+Add Course"
    NOTE: only Course Option courses will be pulled from DW. If there are Choice Options on your plan, go to Add Courses and select the additional courses.
  3. Click Done and Generate Schedules

To save “favorite” schedules (if Registration is not yet available)

  1. After generating schedules, select one that you prefer and click on that schedule to open it
  2. In the upper right corner, click the heart icon and name the schedule
  3. When registration is available, access Schedule Planner and your favorite schedules will display behind a “Favorites” tab in the Schedules section
  4. Select the schedule you want and send the courses to your shopping cart and then register

After registering, it is still possible to add an additional class, remove a class, and change a class.

If you want to add an additional course after registering:

  1. Return to Registration menu and click Schedule Planner
  2. Select Term and Campuses as above
  3. Your Courses and Current Schedule will be shown
  4. Click on “+Add Course” to select an additional course
  5. Click on “Generate Schedules” to view all possible schedules with open, conflict-free course sections

If there are registration errors and a course needs to be removed:

  1. To remove a course, you must Clear Cart and remove the course from Schedule Planner
  2. If you need an authorization from the department of the course, the course may remain in the Shopping Cart until the authorization is entered and registration is permitted

Contact the Registrar’s Office if you encounter problems or have questions.

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