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Readmission Application

Readmitting undergraduate students seeking to complete the RN to BSN online program must complete the RN to BSN application.

Readmitting undergraduate students for the online RRT-BS degree completion program in Respiratory Therapy should complete the RRT-BSRT application.

All other undergraduate students complete the form below to submit your Application for Undergraduate Readmission to the University of Southern Indiana. If you have questions regarding this form, please call the Registrar's Office at 812-465-1157 or 800-467-1965 (option #3).

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Enrollment Information

If you do not attend for the indicated term, you must reapply. If you change your readmission term after processing, delays may occur and all registered courses must be dropped.

Student Information

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Education Information

You must submit a Change of Academic Program form to the Office of the Registrar.
List all colleges and universities you have attended since you last attended USI. Failure to do so is sufficient cause to refuse consideration of an application or to dismiss a student who has been granted readmission.

1st Institution

2nd Institution

3rd Institution

If you've attended more than three other institutions, use the Comments section to provide the details.

Important: It is required that degree-seeking students submit for evaluation a current, official transcript from each of the aforementioned institutions. Your transcripts must be sent directly from the institution(s) to the Registrar's Office at USI (see mailing and email address below). Unofficial transcripts received from students will not be accepted. If the final record shows ineligibility because of grade point average, suspension or dismissal, the student's readmission and registration may be cancelled.

Mail paper transcripts to:
University of Southern Indiana
Attn: Registrar's Office
8600 University Blvd.
Evansville, IN 47712

Email electronic transcripts to:

The Fresh Start Program

This program allows a readmitting USI student who wishes to complete an unfinished undergraduate degree a one-time opportunity to apply for a "Fresh Start." Students will be accepted to the program if they meet ALL of the following eligibility conditions:

  1. The student applies for the program at the time of readmission (acceptance into the program is irreversible);
  2. The student has not been enrolled at USI for two or more years (minimum of 24 months);
  3. The student was academically dismissed or on academic probation from USI the last term enrolled;
  4. The student achieves a minimum 2.00 grade point average on the first 12 quality hours taken after readmission and remains in good standing status while completing the hours.

Acceptance to the Fresh Start Program subjects a student to the following provisions:

  1. USI courses and grades received prior to the accepted term will be excluded from cumulative grade point average calculations.
  2. USI courses with grades of C or above will count as earned hours. All other credits will be forfeited.
  3. Grades from all coursework taken at USI will be used in calculating eligibility for honors and honor societies.
  4. A student must re-declare a major and complete all academic requirements and regulations in effect at the time of readmission.
  5. A student must complete 30 additional hours at USI toward graduation after acceptance to the program.
  6. Fresh Start Program status will be recorded on the student's academic record.
  7. Students do not qualify for Financial Aid while in the Fresh Start Program.

I have read the above Fresh Start Program regulations and I fully understand and agree to the provisions as stated. I hereby apply for admission to the Fresh Start Program. I understand that to be accepted I must meet all of the stated conditions. I also understand there are no exceptions permitted to the eligibility conditions, and acceptance to the program is irreversible.

Additional Comments

Criminal History Information

USI works to maintain a safe environment for all members of the University community. The following questions will help us better maintain this environment.

(excluding routine traffic offenses and convictions expunged or sealed by the sentencing court or juvenile court or otherwise protected from disclosure by the specific authority of law)

If your answer is "Yes" to any of these questions, you will be asked to provide additional information. Being convicted of a crime, pending criminal charges, probation, suspension, dismissal or expulsion do not serve as an absolute bar to admission, but will require additional evaluation.

Immunization Records Statement

Immunization Requirement (revised 2015)
The University has the obligation to protect the campus community from any potential contagious disease. Per state law, all students entering the University of Southern Indiana for the first time and/or living in University Housing must meet the immunization requirements of the University of Southern Indiana Code 21-40-5 enacted by the 2007 Indiana General Assembly. To comply with the requirements, you must provide current documentation of the following immunizations: MMR, Tetanus/diphtheria, Tuberculosis (International Students Only), Meningococcal Risk Acknowledgement Form (Meningitis). Acceptable documentation consists of the following: Copy of your immunization records from high school or another postsecondary institution, physician’s statement showing the month, day and year during which the vaccinations were administered or infection was experienced, completion of the USI Student Immunization form with doctor’s signature, or personal record maintained by your or your family showing the month, day and year during which the vaccinations were administered For the complete immunization policy, please go to

I certify that all of the above information is complete and true. I also understand that withholding information or giving false information will make me ineligible to return to USI and/or subject to dismissal if readmission has been granted.

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