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The Center for Social Justice Education has sponsored many different events on campus and in the community. You can find all of these videos & more on our YouTube Channel.

2021 Webinar: Conspiracy Theories: How They Threaten Us & How to Stop the Spread of Misinformation

Held online, 11/30/21, as part of our Media & Voter education Project, #csjemvp; Presenters: Dr. Todd Schroer & Becca Neel; 

2021 Webinar: Student Mental Health: What Faculty Need to Know

Held online, 10/27/21; Presenters: Dr. Amy Chan Hilton; Janet Schnell, LCSW; Dr. Jennifer Hammat, & Dr. Robin Sanabria. Mental health as social justice

2020 Berger Lecture: Electoral Justice Meets Democracy

Presenter: Dr. Gena McClendon, Director of Voter Access & Engagement, Center for Social Development at Washington University at St. Louis

Uncovering Hidden Differences

Presenters: Katie Greenwell, University of Southern Indiana Alumnus & Current University of Southern Indiana Students: Amethyst Turner, Teddi Rausch & Mady Cochran

Date: March 30, 2015

Discussion about how society views non-physical disabilities such as anxiety, depression, Tourette syndrome, and cerebral palsy. Panelists share their experiences with discrimination and the struggles they have faced in the educational system and society as a whole.       


The Ties that Bind

Presenters: University of Southern Indiana Undergraduate Students & Ivy Tech Community College Undergraduate Student (Evansville, IN)

Date: October 23, 2014

Interdisciplinary discussion centered on breaking the stereotypes that society places upon groups and populations. The panel includes two students who have struggled with substance abuse, one student who is a veteran, and a student who immigrated to the United States from a Caribbean. Panelists share their experiences with social barriers and the struggles that they have encountered at both the university and community level. 


"Let's talk about...Homophobia"                                                                                

Presenters: Kelley Coures, Director of the Evansville Department of Metropolitan Development; Ben Gardner, Regional Representative for Freedom Indiana; Rebecca & Tabatha Fisher, Community Members (Evansville, IN)

Date: October 23, 2013

Discussion focused on the topic of homophobia and the effects it has on members of the LGBTQ, their families, and the community in regards to foster care, adoption, medical care, stigmas, and stereotypes. Also discussed, Indiana’s HJR-3 legislation and the effects it could have on the LGBTQ community.   

 Derreck Kayongo: Global Soap Project                                    

Presenter: Mr. Derreck Kayongo, founder of the Global Soap Project (Atlanta, GA)

Date: October 10, 2013

Lecture is about the Global Soap Project. A not-for-profit organization that takes donated, melted, purified and reprocessed hotel soap and redistributes it around the world to refugees and developing countries where there is limited access to soap. Kayongo discusses the concept of the organization and the impact it has had around the world.

 "Let's talk about...Disabilities & Assistive Technology"                

Presenter: Mr. Rick Nelson, Assistive Technology Solutions at Easter Seals Rehabilitation Center (Evansville, IN)

Date: April 3, 2013

Presentation involves contemporary assistive technology that is currently available to people who are disabled, including computer access, home modifications, vehicle modifications, job accommodation, and seating and mobility. Nelson also discusses Research &Development Grant work, specifically the development of a new type of wheelchair.     

"Let's talk about...Diversity"                           

Presenter: Ms. Bruceann King, University of Southern Indiana Field-seminar Instructor and Evansville-Vanderburgh School Corporation Social Worker (Evansville, IN)

Date: March 20, 2013

The following discussion is about biases, and how social work students might prepare to work with diverse populations. She discusses the challenges social workers might face when dealing with diversity and emphasizes that understanding a person is more important than judging by appearance or cultural stereotype.


Lane Simpson: Tribal Representative from Crow Nation Speaks on Social Justice & Cultural Diversity                                  

Presenter: Mr. Lane Simpson, Crow Nation Tribal Representative and Human Services Professor, Little Big Horn College (Billings, MO)

Date: October 18, 2012

Lecture is centered on the successes and struggles of the Crow Nation. He speaks about the conflicts with the United States government, as well as the current legal battles over tribal land and the need for social justice across all cultures.

Professor Michael Omolewa: UN Ambassador & Permanent Delegate of Nigeria                                              

Presenter: Professor Michael Omolewa, Permanent Delegate and United Nations Ambassador (Nigeria)

Date: February 9, 2012

Lecture is centered on Nigerian culture and the role it has played in this particular country’s educational system. There has been a shift from an education system which values the Nigerian culture, to a more Westernized educational system. This shift has caused Nigerian children to lose some sense of their culture. Professor Omolewa discusses the need to find a balance between Nigerian culture and Western ideology in the educational system.


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