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Mission and Goals


The Center for Social Justice Education was established in 2009 to foster advocacy for social justice empowerment through education, research, and collaboration. The CSJE is dedicated to individual and societal well-being in a global community. 


The goals of the Center for Social Justice Education are embedded in education, research, and service for social advocacy.


  1. Raise community awareness of social and economic injustice.
  2. Teach strategies for achieving social and economic justice.
  3. Increase the number of cross-disciplinary opportunities advancing social and economic justice. 


  1. Increase knowledge base, related to evidence-based practice and interventions impacting social and economic issues.
  2. Promote research opportunities for students and faculty relating to issues of social justice.
  3. Support the dissemination of research findings related to social and economic justice. 


  1. Develop collaborative external partnerships addressing social and economic issues.
  2. Encourage cross-disciplinary collaborations addressing social and economic issues. 

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