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Media and Voter Education Project (MVP)

The CSJE Media & Voter education Project (MVP) provides information related to media literacy and voting. It began in the spring of 2020, leading up to the 2020 election. While voting in the Presidential election is important, there are also many local and statewide races that are also happening. Voting is important at all levels!!

Voting 101: A guide for college students

Media & Voter education Project Voting FAQ 2022

Voting is Social Work! Visit this website for general information about the election, as well as resources tailored for social work and social work education.


Resources for Instructors:

How to Teach about the Election: A Social Justice Approach

Learning for Justice - Resources for a civil classroom

Previous Events related to MVP:

Zoom WebinarConspiracy Theories: How They Threaten Us & How to Stop the Spread of Misinformation (11/20/21)

Zoom Webinar: Electoral Justice Meets Democracy (10/21/20)

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Old Version: Media & Voter Education Project Voting FAQ 2020

The Media & Voter education Project (MVP) was developed in 2019
by CSJE Director, Dr. Elissa Mitchell, & Ms. Erin Gibson,

with support from Dr. Marie Pease.

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