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This page highlights events in the 2021-2022 academic year. 

Thursday, 2/24/22 - Mandela Social Justice Day

Join the Mandela Day Committee in celebrating Nelson Mandela's legacy of social justice! We will hear from keynote speaker Simon Tam on anti-Asian violence during COVID-19, as well as two additional presentations. See the Mandela Day website for more.

Tuesday, 11/30/21 - Conspiracy Theories: How They Threaten Us & How to Stop the Spread of Misinformation

Conspiracy theories are prevalent throughout our nation, with millions of people accepting more than one as the “truth.”  This presentation will cover the most common conspiracy theories and how they are destroying our health, the educational system, politics, the economy, and our overall society. The presenters will also discuss methods for identifying and fact-checking problematic sources in online environments.


Monday, 11/1/21 - Town Hall: Student Mental Health

An open discussion about mental health on campus and next steps to improve resources. 


Wednesday, 10/27/21 - Student Mental Health: What Faculty Need to Know

Join us to learn about the mental health needs of our students, potential signs of distress, the resources USI offers, and how faculty & staff can help students access the resources. 


Monday, 10/25/21 - Student Mental Health

Pott College students will share their personal experience with mental health related issues. The panel is open to students and faculty in the USI community who wish to have an open dialogue on mental health and best practices and shared struggles. A representative from CAPS will be in attendance.


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