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Changes to the Core 39 Foundation Math Requirement for Business Majors

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What is the current Romain College math requirement?
The current Core 39 Foundation Math requirement is MATH215 Survey of Calculus.

What is changing?
Beginning Fall 2021, the Romain College Core 39 Foundation Math requirement will change to MATH111 or higher Core 39 Foundation Math course.

When is this change taking effect?
The change takes effect in the fall semester of 2021 - the semester that begins in August 2021.

Does this change apply to all Romain College of Business majors?
No, the following majors will continue to require MATH215:

  • Computer Science

Does this change apply to me?
NO – if you are graduating in:

  • Spring 2020
  • Summer 2020
  • Fall 2020
  • Spring 2021

YES - if you are graduating in:

  • Fall 2021 (December 2021) – or later.

If the change does apply to me, what should I do next?
First, talk with the Romain College Advising Center to determine the best path for you personally. or call 812-465-7028.

Ask questions like:

  • What math have I taken?
  • What math would I still have to take with/without making the change?
  • How do my future academic plans affect this decision (e.g., graduate school, transfer)?
  • What other programmatic changes might affect me (e.g., changes to Core 39)?

When can I make the change?
Any Bulletin changes to the Fall 2021 USI Bulletin CANNOT be made until April 2021.

How do I make this change?
You need to complete a Change of Academic Bulletin form. You can get this form from the Romain College Advising Center in BE1015.

Who can help me?
Your first stop should be the Romain College Advising Center in BEC 1015.

How will I know my program requirements reflect the new change?
A couple of weeks after you complete the form, your DegreeWorks should reflect the changes.

Are there any issues/downsides to (planning on) making this change?
YES — the change will be to the Bulletin that is in effect Fall 2021. Thus, you would be held to ALL curricular changes made University-wide that are included in this Bulletin. Thus, any changes to Core 39 or major requirements that take effect in Fall 2021 would also become part of your program.

My friend said — or I heard —???
NO - NO - NO — please note that your friend is more than likely not in your exact academic situation. Please seek advice from the Romain College Advising Center that will be based on your personal situation. You need to talk with someone in the Advising Center prior to making a Bulletin change.

Please see the following people for clarification:

or call 812-465-7028.

Updated January 11, 2021

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