University of Southern Indiana
  • 2016-02 SUW 5.0 First Place
    subheading titleUSI Student part of Winning Team

    Ryan Loehrlein and his team made up the Guardian Angel team, winning the top prize at Startup Weekend Evansville 5.0.

  • 2015-11 Cuisine Caterer
    subheading titleStudent's Product Launches from Entrepreneurship Minor Program

    Logan Hayford is creator of Cuisine Caterer, an alternate flameless heat source for use in the food industry.

  • 2016-09 USASBE Logo
    subheading titleUSI minor a finalist for Outstanding Emerging Entrepreneurship Program

    "Our entrepreneurship program has helped connect university and college visions, the university to the region, students and businesses to technology, and students to students,” said Dr. Kevin Celuch, professor of marketing and Blair Chair of Business Science.

Entrepreneurial Initiative

The focus is on three areas:

  • entrepreneurial education
  • entrepreneurial engagement
  • entrepreneurial outcomes

The goal of this initiative is to help foster an entrepreneurial community of innovative thought, openness to new ideas, interdisciplinary collaborations, and continual entrepreneurial mindset development.

Entrepreneurship in College Guidebook is a resource that provides users with the top apps and other tools that students can use to build their business. It provides a roadmap that highlights the path to becoming an entrepreneur, information to help you understand what it takes to succeed in business, and top scholarship opportunities for young entrepreneurs.

Startup Weekend Evansville


Startup Weekend Evansville 9.0 was held virtually April 16-18, 2021.

Startup Weekend Evansville is just one of the many opportunities USI shares with students and the region to foster entrepreneurial education, collaboration and creativity. Be sure to follow Startup Weekend Evansville on social media:
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More Than You Can Imagine: Josh's Story

Imagine taking rough ideas and sketches to improve airport runway safety and turning them into a marketable product. That’s what Josh is doing through USI’s entrepreneurship and technology programs. We’re helping Josh soar to new heights with our entrepreneurship and technology programs.

Outside Affiliates

In order to provide students access to opportunities in the entrepreneurial community, the Romain College of Business partners with various organizations. These partners augment our ability to connect students with speakers, conferences, competitions, and other entrepreneurial networks.

Startup WeekendGAGE Growth Alliance for Greater EvansvilleTedX EvansvilleUnited States Association for Small Business and EntrepreneurshipGlobal Entrepreneurship NetworkTech on Tap Logo

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