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Name Master Doctorate
Business Administration
  • Engineering Management Concentration
  • Human Resources Concentration
  • Traditional MBA
  • Data Analytics Concentration
  • Accounting Concentration
  • Healthcare Administration Concentration
  • Project Management Concentration
  • Marketing Concentration
  • Supply Chain Management


Romain College of Business Undergraduate Programs
The Romain College of Business undergraduate academic programs are designed to assist students in understanding and developing leadership qualities required by an environment where workforce and market diversity, innovation through technology, ethical behavior, and understanding global issues have become increasingly important. Each program provides the student with the background to participate effectively in business and other organizations which require a high degree of leadership, communication, and decision-making skills. The programs also provide the undergraduate education required for admission to graduate study in professional fields such as business, economics, law, public administration, urban planning, hospital administration, and business teacher education.

The undergraduate business programs offered by the Romain College of Business include four interrelated phases of course work:

  • Core 39 requirements designed to provide learning which should be the common experience of all educated men and women and which builds communication and critical thinking skills necessary for success;

  • Business Core requirements to provide an understanding of all business disciplines in the context of the society in which businesses operate;

  • Business major requirements which provide for a degree of specialization in the student's area of interest; and

  • Elective courses chosen from either business or other academic areas to broaden the student's perspective and educational background. Business and economics courses are open to all students in the University who have the required prerequisites. However, students who are not business majors are limited to no more than 30 hours of business courses, excluding economics.

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