University of Southern Indiana

Athletic Peer Coaching

Housed within Academic Skills, the goal of the USI Athletic Peer Coach Program is to assist USI student-athletes both academically and with the overall adjustment to college life. All student-athletes are eligible to participate. Participants are assisted by fellow student-athletes who have been selected to serve as peer coaches. These peer coaches are positive role models, both athletically and academically.

The program can have a number of benefits for student-athletes who participate in it:

  • Improving overall academic performance
  • Enhancing study skills, including test-taking and note-taking
  • Developing routine study schedules
  • Increasing motivation for classes
  • Studying in a structured environment with supportive people
  • Becoming more connected to campus and adjusting to college life
  • Learning about available resources at USI
  • Enhancing interpersonal communication skills
  • Getting to know university personnel and other student-athletes on campus

All athletic peer coaches complete an extensive training program led by the Academic Skills staff and are supervised by Learning Specialist .

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