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Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science Degrees

Four-year degree programs in the College of Liberal Arts at the University of Southern Indiana lead to either a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree. The Bachelor of Arts, with its emphasis upon the study of a non-English language and a broad knowledge base, is especially valuable for students who hope to go on to graduate studies. Those considering graduate school should consult with their advisors about the Bachelor of Arts option.

The difference between a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degree

Bachelor of Arts degree

World language and culture proficiency is a requirement for the Bachelor of Arts degree. The language requirement recognizes the desirability of attaining basic mastery of a language other than one's own. To fulfill the language requirement for the Bachelor of Arts degree, a student must demonstrate proficiency through the appropriate college-level course in a single language (French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Latin, Arabic, or Chinese) by either:

  1. Completing the first 12 credit hours of the language (four semesters, through 204, or higher),  or

  2. completing the fourth semester of the language (204) or higher, if advanced placement is recommended. Please see Departmental Exam policy for World Languages for further information.

Many language classes can apply toward Core 39 please see the Core 39 website for specific courses. For more information about BA degree requirements, visit the Registrar’s website or contact your academic advisor.

Bachelor of Science degree

The Bachelor of Science degree does not require the 12 hours of foreign language as outlined above for the Bachelor of Arts degree. In lieu of the language proficiency, Bachelor of Science students will complete the following requirements as part of Core 39: two natural science courses; one social science course; and a world languages and culture course. Please see the Core 39 website for more detail.

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