University of Southern Indiana


Department Chair

Jason Hardgrave
Dr. Jason Hardgrave
Associate Professor of History
Interim Assistant Provost for Academic Affairs
Contact: 812-465-7017
Byron C. Wright Administration Building 103



Michael Dixon
Dr. Michael Dixon
Professor of History
Dean of the School of Graduate Studies
Contact: 812-465-7016
Robert D. Orr Center 1063

Tamara Hunt
Dr. Tamara Hunt
Professor of History
Contact: 812-465-1202
Liberal Arts Center 3037


Associate Professor

Anya King
Dr. Anya King
Associate Professor of History
Contact: 812-464-1754
Liberal Arts Center 3031

Denise Lynn
Dr. Denise Lynn
Professor of History
Director of Gender Studies
Director of Africana Studies Program
Interim Chair of the History Department
Contact: 812-465-1095
Liberal Arts Center 3033

Kristalyn Shefveland
Dr. Kristalyn Shefveland
Associate Professor of History
Director of Master of Arts in Liberal Studies Program
Assistant Dean of the College of Liberal Arts
Contact: 812-461-5434
Liberal Arts Center 3003


Assistant Professor

Cacee Hoyer
Dr. Cacee Hoyer
Associate Professor of History
Affiliated Faculty of Africana Studies
Contact: 812-228-5154
Liberal Arts Center 3035

Kelly Kaelin
Dr. Kelly Kaelin
Assistant Professor of History
Contact: 812-228-5030
Liberal Arts Center 3039

Stella Ress
Dr. Stella Ress
Associate Professor of History
Affiliated Faculty of Gender Studies
Contact: 812-228-5137
Liberal Arts Center 3030



Jennifer Greene
Mrs. Jennifer Greene
University Archivist
Associate Professor of Library Science
Contact: 812-464-1832
David L. Rice Library 3025

Professor Emeritus

In Memoriam

Dr. Darrel E. Bigham, Professor Emeritus (USI 1970-2008)

Administrative Assistant

Sarah Bengert
Ms. Sarah Bengert
Senior Administrative Assistant
Contact: 812-465-7138
Liberal Arts Center 3025D


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