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Arts and Heritage Administration

The arts and heritage administration minor at the University of Southern Indiana focuses on issues and challenges in the administration of non-profit arts and heritage organizations. Students who elect this major will learn about the history of arts and heritage management, the structure and challenges of the non-profit sector and practical concerns in arts and heritage administration, including artistic and administrative leadership, institutional structures, government relations and the place of arts and heritage institutions in modern society. 

The interdisciplinary minor includes courses in art history, computer and information science, English, marketing and management, communications, anthropology and philosophy. The minor serves as a complement to most any liberal arts major.

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An internship in arts and heritage management, art, theatre, history or anthropology is required to complete the minor.

A background in arts and heritage administration is advantageous for graduates seeking careers in museums, art galleries, historic sites and other non-profit organizations in history and the arts.

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