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New Students

Important e-mail from your instructors and the University will be sent to your USI email account. It is IMPERATIVE that you access your USI email on a regular basis.

Email Service

Eagles Mail is the university email service provided to all USI students. New students are assigned an email address upon admission to the University. Student email addresses are based on myUSI usernames. If your username is sjsmith10, then your email address is Important mail from your instructors and the University will be sent to your USI email account so it is imperative that you access your USI email on a regular basis.

What is my username and password?

Every student is issued a username and password when they register. If you do not know your username, go to and click on the ACTIVATE ACCOUNT link (in the blue bar).  Answer the questions to receive your username.  There is also a FORGOT PASSWORD link on this page.  Requirements for passwords at USI are here. 

What is RAVE?

RAVE is a text message service that disseminates important information to the campus community, including emergency info, weather alerts, and school closings. Sign up for RAVE by logging on to the myUSI portal and clicking the red RAVE icon in your Eagle Apps located on the top left hand side of your home page.

What is myUSI?

myUSI is a web portal that you will use frequently to access the many online school services that USI offers. Click here for more information.

Do I need to bring a computer to campus?

Bringing a computer to campus is a matter of personal preference, but not a necessity. There are 51 Open Computer Labs available across campus. A student can check out a laptop from Rice Library (to be used IN Rice Library).

Students can purchase Dell and Apple laptops from the USI Campus Store.

Click for more information about bringing your own computer laptop 

Do I need to bring a printer to campus?

You may choose to bring a printer to your student housing. If you choose to do so, please do not bring/use a wireless connection for printing. Plan to use USB for both security of your printer and courtesy of your fellow residents. Wireless printers advertise their presence and can have print jobs sent to them by another wireless user, of which there are approximately 2,500 at any given time during the school year. Wireless printers are considered "consumer-grade" in the wireless radio they use and are designed for home environments. They interfere with the enterprise wireless system installed in campus housing, sometimes to the point of causing the signal to be unusable for some.  

If you do not wish to use your own printer and consumables- paper, ink/toner, etc. -there are many printers across campus that you can use to print your documents. Click here for more information.

What software do I need?

All software that is necessary for course work is provided in campus labs. All students can also download the Microsoft Office software to pick and choose what software they need; Word, Excel, Etc.  This is available to them as long as they remain a student.

To download Microsoft Office Software, log into MyUSI and click the Office 365 Installation tab at the top and follow the instructions

What is Blackboard?

Blackboard is the name of a software program that USI uses for online instruction and communication. Students can access course materials their professors make available and may participate in class discussions online. Click here for more information on Blackboard.

Can I use the internet on campus?

USI provides wireless access across the campus, and wireless and wired access in student housing. Click here for instructions on how to set up network access. When using the campus network there are restrictions and rules, please review them here. Do not bring any network switches or hubs, nor any wireless routers or personal access devices. Installation of such devices is prohibited.

Can I change my name in myUSI?

You can change the name that appears in myUSI by following the link here. This could be used to replace a formal name with a nickname. Example: Richard to Rick. The Form will submit a request to our IT Department

How long do I get to use USI email and Microsoft Office Software?

See this answer HERE

Where can I go for further assistance?

The University of Southern Indiana's Department of IT maintains a fully staffed HelpDesk.

The HelpDesk can be reached by email at

The HelpDesk's phone number is 812-465-1080.

For more information you can visit their page on USI's website by clicking here.

How do I submit an IT support ticket?

You can learn more about submitting tickets by clicking here.

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