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Plug-ins and File Viewers

for Blackboard

Listed below you will find links to download free plug-ins and file viewers needed to view some of the more popular types of files you might find on Blackboard*. We cannot guarantee that the files below are the most up-to-date versions of the program available.

The website you'll be accessing to download the program is listed next to the link.

Please report any bad links to Blackboard support by clicking the Contact us link in the top right of this page.

When downloading any program, there is a chance that the file you are downloading contains a computer virus. It is highly suggested that you have a anti-virus program running on your computer before you download anything off of the internet.

* Please be aware that Blackboard support is unable to troubleshoot problems you may encounter when using these programs, including: downloading, installing, uninstalling or configuring the program.

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