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Copying Courses in Blackboard

  1. Go into the course that you will copy your course FROM.
  2. Under the Control Panel, choose "Packages and Utilities".
  3. Under "Packages and Utilities", choose "Course Copy".
  4. On the "Course Copy" page, first choose the "Destination Course ID" using the "Browse" button. Note: This is going to be the course you will copy your course material INTO.
  5. Check all of the areas you want to copy over to the destination course.
    • Note 1: DO NOT choose the "Include Enrollments in the Copy" option.
    • Note 2: If you are copying tests and/or quizzes and want to preserve the links in your course content areas, you must copy the "Grade Center Columns and Settings", "Tests, Surveys, and Pools" and the Content Area(s) where the link to the test/quiz resides all at the SAME TIME. 
    • Note 3: If you are using Rubrics in your course, and wish them to stay attached to the items they are assigned to, you must copy the "Rubrics" area along with the "Grade Center..." and the Content Area where the item the rubric is attached to resides all at the SAME TIME.
    • Note 4: If you are copying "Assignments" and wish to preserve them, you must copy the Content Area the assignment resides in and the "Grade Center..." at the SAME TIME.
  6. After choosing the areas to be copied, click "Submit".

After clicking "Submit", the system will queue your request. Once the copy process has completed, the system will send you an email. After the copy request has been submitted,

DO NOT MODIFY either the source or destination course until the copy process has completed. Modifying either course during the copy process can result in areas of the destination course becoming corrupted.

If this happens, the corrupted areas of the course, and in some cases the entire course, may need to be reset.

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