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A major goal of the University is to increase the postsecondary educational participation of young people and adults. To this end, the University emphasizes programs and services for traditional college-age students as well as part-time, commuting and older students. It has developed partnerships with P-12 schools and has expanded opportunities for individuals in the workplace. The University has become an institution which students choose for the strength of its academic programs and the quality of its student life. The University has had a dramatic impact on regional postsecondary attainment. 

Recruitment and retention efforts are streamlined through Enrollment Management. Stable enrollment is projected. During the past two decades, the University developed student housing to accommodate the increasing numbers of students coming from throughout the state. The University is authorized by the Indiana General Assembly to construct, acquire, operate and manage student housing facilities and to issue revenue obligations for this purpose. The contemporary state-of-the-art housing facilities, a combination of suite-style residence halls and apartments, enable residential students to take full advantage of the educational, cultural, and recreational benefits the campus offers.

Outreach and Engagement serves over 15,000 people annually through comprehensive noncredit programs of short duration ‑‑ including workshops, conferences, seminars, and instructional courses. Noncredit programs are increasing as the University continues to address economic, social, cultural, and workforce training needs in the area.


Enrollment - 9,178* students enrolled at USI for the beginning of the 2022-2023 academic year.
        *Overall USI enrollment is the sum of dual credit, undergraduate and graduate students.

In fall 2022, students came from 88 Indiana counties, 47 other states, and 36 other countries.

Over 47,000+ students have graduated since 1971.

Approximately 70% of USI alumni currently reside in Indiana.

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