Employee Listing Macro FAQ

I'm using the department listing, but people are missing, where are they?

There are couple of things that might be the reason.

  1. Is the person a new hire? It could take a few days for HR to get people into Banner if you're staff. If the person is a new faculty hire, the delay could be due to official start dates, and the timing of all the necessary information is given to HR. New fall faculty could take as long as October to appear and new spring faculty, February.  

  2. Sometimes people work in multiple departments and may not automatically appear with the appropriate employee listing. We use Banner information to see what department pays you as to which department you belong to. If you don’t appear where you should, contact Human Resources.

My information is wrong, how do I fix it?

Complete this form to tell us what to update on your information. Please note, changes to your prefix title (example: from Mrs. to Dr.), and job title are handled through HR as they require official documentation to be filed. 

My information is different in Outlook than it is in the online directory, how do I fix this?

While we try to keep this information as consistent as possible, things do slip through. Just let us know about the discrepancy, and we'll resolve it.

I don't want my headshot picture to appear on the USI website. How do I request this change?

You may complete this form to let us know you don't want to display your photo. Be aware that this removes your headshot from any employee listing or online directory search results.

I need an updated headshot, what do I do?

Schedule to have your portrait taken with USI Photography and Multimedia. There is no cost to have your portrait taken.

I have a portrait that was taken from a previous employer or another studio outside of USI, can I use that photo?

In short, no. But here's why we cannot use photos taken outside of USI Photography and Multimedia. 


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