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All faculty websites are automatically created upon employment with the University. The website homepage is pre-populated with information from the USI Phone Directory. 

  • Name
  • Headshot
  • Position
  • Office Location
  • Email and Phone

You may add additional information to your faculty website by filling in content areas and creating subpages.

This does NOT replace Blackboard for course management, but is simply a faculty member's professional web presence at the University.  

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What is the URL?

Faculty websites are organized by USI Username.  URLs look like this:

  • faculty.usi.edu/username
  • faculty.usi.edu/bhess

How do I access my website and can others update my website for me?

Only faculty members have access to their website. Permissions cannot be set up for other users to make updates for you. 

To update your faculty website, log in to the Umbraco CMS by going to faculty.usi.edu/umbraco/

This site uses its own login, not your USI login. If you have forgotten your password or are logging in for the first time, you will need to contact Web Services to reset your password. The password reset button is not functional-- you must email our team and we will give you a temporary password. You will then want to update this password by clicking the silhouette in the top left after you log in. For security purposes, you'll want to use a password that you do not use anywhere else.

What if I need website access for my other sites using HTML?

Some faculty members may have course materials, photo galleries or mini-websites that are not accessible with Blackboard. Access can be given with drive mapping to your web folder. The URL to the content will change and will look like this:

  • faculty.usi.edu/username/web/
  • faculty.usi.edu/bhess/web/
  • faculty.usi.edu/jnprovence1/web/examstudy

Links can be created to these websites from the Umbraco Faculty website or the direct URL can be used.

We recommend this only for faculty familiar with building websites with HTML.

Links to short video tutorials and manuals are available on our training page. 

Hands-on training is available upon request, contact Brandi Hess.


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