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Reverse Transfer FAQ

Q: What is reverse transfer?
Reverse transfer is the process of allowing college students or former college students who have completed credits for an associate degree to receive that degree even if they have transferred to a different college or university, or no longer attend college altogether.

Q: Who is eligible for reverse transfer?
Each participating two-year institution has established their own minimum number of credits required for their former students to be eligible for a reverse transfer degree. The list below identifies institutions that current have reverse transfer agreements with USI. Students are not eligible for the program if they currently possess an associate degree or higher.  

Two-year institution Required credits from two-year institution
Henderson Community College  30
Ivy Tech Community College 15
Madisonville Community Technical College  30
Owensboro Community College   15
Vincennes University 15

Q: What degrees can be obtained through Reverse Transfer?
An associate degree as identified by the degree-granting institution (two-year institution) may be obtained through the reverse transfer program.

Q: Is an associate degree obtained through Reverse Transfer different from any other associate degree?

Q: How do individuals participate in Reverse Transfer?
All individuals wishing to participate in Reverse Transfer are required to “opt in” to the program. By doing so, the individual agrees to the exchange of transcript information between the two institutions and is automatically declared for degree candidacy.

Q: Can individuals opt out of Reverse Transfer?
Yes. If an individual graduates from the host institution, is no longer active there or self-identifies to be removed from the program, they are automatically “opting out” of the Reverse Transfer. Email to opt out of the program.

Q: Is there a time limit for students to complete their degree requirements in the Reverse Transfer program?
There is no time limit on students completing the associate degree through Reverse Transfer.

Q: What is the “degree-granting institution”?
The institution that will award the reverse transfer student their associate degree is the degree-granting institution.

Q: What is the responsibility of USI?
USI will identify the students eligible for Reverse Transfer and inform them of the opportunity to participate in Reverse Transfer. USI agrees to submit all necessary transcripts to the degree-granting institution without charge to the individual. USI will also monitor and report on the students who opt out of Reverse Transfer.

Q: What is the responsibility of the degree-granting institution?
The degree-granting institution is responsible for reviewing the eligible Reverse Transfer student’s records and awarding the degree. They are required to submit a final transcript noting conferment to USI at no charge to the individual.

Q: What is the reverse transfer process?
: USI will identify students that have met the minimum threshold of transferable hours that participating two-year institutions have set. By submitting an opt-in application, students will be notifying USI and the two-year institution that they wish to participate in the program. Each institution will verify eligibility.

USI will work with students to help send transcripts to our partner two-year institutions in order to facilitate the reverse transfer process. Transcripts will be sent once a student has at least 60 combined credit hours and will continue to be sent until the two-year school sends back an associate’s degree-posted transcript, the student earns a bachelor’s degree, the student opts out, or the student is no longer attending classes at USI.

The release of transcripts will be in accordance with the host institution’s policies, and the acceptance of transfer credit will be determined by the degree-granting institution. The degree-granting institution will determine the requirements for degree completion and inform the individual. When the degree is awarded by the degree-granting institution, it will send an official transcript noting conferment to the four-year host institution.

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