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Ceremony Participation

Commencement exercises are held in December and April/May of each year. If you complete graduation requirements in the fall, you are eligible to participate in Fall commencement exercises.  If you complete graduation requirements in the spring, or will complete graduation requirements in one of the subsequent summer sessions, you are eligible to participate in Spring commencement exercises. 

Participation in the Fall or Spring Commencement Ceremony is optional. If you wish to participate in the Commencement Ceremony, you must submit a commencement reservation (link provided to pending graduates in email notification). 

Both Fall and Spring commencement exercises will have multiple ceremonies. Details will be posted at as they are determined.

Participating in the ceremony? View the Screaming Eagles Arena Prohibited Items and Security Policy.

Commencement Exercises Participation for Students Earning Multiple Degrees

Multiple baccalaureate degrees may be granted simultaneously, providing all requirements for these degrees have been completed and a minimum of 30 credit hours for each additional degree have been earned (i.e. 150 credit hours are required for a second baccalaureate degree).  Students earning multiple degrees must complete a formal application for graduation for each degree that will be earned. 

Students may choose to participate in multiple commencement exercises if they have earned multiple baccalaureate degrees and each degree is being recognized during different commencement exercises. 

Students will only be permitted to walk across the stage to be recognized once per commencement exercise.  Students earning multiple degrees recognized during the same commencement exercise must choose which degree program they would like to be recognized.  This includes:

  • multiple degrees from the same college
  • multiple degrees from different colleges being recognized at the same commencement exercise
  • multiple degrees at different levels (i.e. an associate degree and a baccalaureate degree)

Students indicate the degree for which they wish to be recognized when lining up for procession on the day of the commencement exercise.

In all situations, students earning multiple degrees will be recognized for each degree in the printed program for the commencement exercises. 

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