University of Southern Indiana

Security Escort

The USI Security Escort Program is designed to enhance your safety and peace of mind if you must be on campus after dark.

The primary goal is to deter sexual harassment, verbal abuse and assault, and to enable students to travel about the campus with a greater sense of security.

The Security Escort Service is primarily a mobile service, but walking escorts are available upon request.

The mobile escort is not intended as an alternative form of transportation and may be denied in the following cases:

  • As a regular means of transportation to full-time employment.

  • When two or more students have the same destination.

  • If public transportation is available.

When are escorts available?
Escorts are available from dusk to dawn, 365 days a year.

Who will escort me?
The escorts are officers of USI Public Safety.

To what locations can I be escorted?
Escorts are available to accompany you from one campus location to another, from campus to student housing, or from housing to campus.

How do I arrange for an escort?
Call 812-464-1845 or use a blue emergency phone. Tell the dispatcher where you are, where you will be waiting, and your destination, then go immediately to the location you specified. If you call from a building, wait inside but check periodically for the officer who will pick you up.

It is not necessary to call in advance, as officers are ready to be dispatched. There could be a delay, but you should not anticipate that.

Remember.....You don't have to walk alone. An escort officer will accompany you.

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