University of Southern Indiana

Security and Safety Tips

You can take proactive measures to increase your personal safety and the safety of your property.

Personal Safety

  • Avoid walking alone
  • Walk in well-lighted areas
  • Walk well clear of areas of heavy foliage
  • Be alert and aware of the surroundings

Vehicle Safety

  • Remove property from plain view
  • Roll up car windows
  • Remove keys
  • Lock all doors

Personal Property Safety

  • Secure valuables left in your apartment or vehicle
  • Engrave all valuables through the Operation Identification  program
  • Write your driver’s license number in your books
  • Lock the doors and windows to your apartment when you leave and when you are sleeping or are in the bathroom

Office Safety

  • Lock your office when you leave
  • Keep your purse, wallet, and other valuables in a secure    location
  • Do not leave cash unattended
  • If you are entrusted with a key to a specific area, never lend it to anyone
  • If you receive annoying or obscene phone calls, HANG UP. Report the time of the call, what the caller said and any background noises
  • Be alert to strangers
  • Report the loss or theft of keys, equipment, or valuables.

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