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Card Reader Access to Facilities

NOTE: The Card Access Request form is for use by deans, department chairs, supervisors or their designees for submission to Public Safety. It is not intended for direct student/employee use. Requests that do not follow these protocols will be denied.

Please review the card access policy below and contact Public Safety at with any questions.

  • Requests for card reader access to facilities must be submitted via the Card Reader Access Request Form and emailed to the Public Safety at as an attachment, not in the body of the email.
  • The form must be typed legibly. Handwritten forms will not be accepted.
  • All requests for card reader access must be submitted by the dean or department chair (or their authorized designee) responsible for the building/room for which access is needed, using a valid USI email address.
  • The list of authorized designees should reflect any personnel changes during the academic year.
  • Requests should include student/employee – first name, last name and middle initial; Banner (student/employee) ID number; card number (see below); and the specific room number(s) (not the name of the lab/area) for which access in needed. (No nicknames.)
  • Student card access is 24/7 and expires at the end of the current semester. If specific, restricted or extended access is required, it must be approved by the Director of Public Safety or his designee.
  • Allow two to four business days for access requests to be entered into the system.
  • If a student or employee no longer requires access, or is no longer allowed access to one or more areas, an authorized requestor must send an email to requesting removal of the access.
  •  If an individual needs access to a facility before the system is restored, Public Safety can admit them either by sending an officer or by electronically “buzzing them in” from Dispatch.
  •  Anyone with an old card (i.e. Banner ID only on the front) will need to get an updated Eagle Access Card from the Eagle Access Office located in the lower level of University Center West. There is no charge if an old card is returned.

Card Access requests require the following information:

  1. Last name, first name and middle initial (must match Banner). (No Nicknames)
  2. Card Number
    • Card Numbers always begins with 585998; Only the 10-digit number that follows is needed
    • If a replacement card is issued, the card number will change.
    • The new card number must be submitted to the Public Safety at for activation.
  3. Banner ID Number (Student/Employee ID Number)

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