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Student and Faculty Engagement Opportunities

The unified program of the University of Southern Indiana and the Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites, is dedicated to providing experiential learning opportunities for students, faculty and staff, which honor the principles of the town’s founders by inspiring innovation and progressive thought. This work expands the original intent of the university’s involvement in New Harmony, which was to nurture this living laboratory for ideas - a place where students and teachers, tourists and scholars, leaders and seekers, can come together to experience, explore and create.

Opportunities for collaboration among USI faculty, staff, students and New Harmony are facilitated by Historic New Harmony, a department within the division of Outreach and Engagement. These opportunities include the development of research projects and service learning courses, internships, and experiential learning in New Harmony. Funding is available through the New Harmony Outreach and Engagement Fund and the Endowment for New Harmony Studies. Temporary office space and overnight accommodations are available to visiting scholars.

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