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Historic New Harmony (HNH) works to preserve the utopian legacy of New Harmony, Indiana, and is inspired by the exemplary ideals of its founders.  A community that began two hundred years ago, New Harmony was first a spiritual sanctuary that later became a haven for international scientists, scholars, and educators who sought equality in communal living.  New Harmony now strives to be a model small rural community with a universal message for how people might live harmoniously.

New Harmony, Indiana, epitomizes “community.”  From its founding to its present-day existence, the town has been entirely about community and is now known for rich historical resources related to the concepts of community building.  Engaging this history to impact the future of communities is the focus of HNH.  The work of HNH not only enriches the lives of the people residing in New Harmony, but its impact reaches throughout Indiana, across the United States, and even internationally, to engage people in the quest for livable, sustainable communities.

To continue advancing the vision of Historic New Harmony to provide “a wide array of educational programs, tours and exhibits, visitor services, and community development activities” Historic New Harmony has been working to create and sustain partnerships on USI’s campus and within the community. It is integral to the success of both that the town of New Harmony and the University of Southern Indiana recognize each other as valuable assets and resources. 

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