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BSW Readmission

Readmission Requirements

Students who leave the BSW Program in good standing before completing requirements for the BSW degree may request re-admission by following the steps:

  1. Contact the Director of the BSW Program to review your file and status with the program.
  2. Develop a new Check Sheet to determine the feasibility and timetable for your degree completion.
  3. Complete the BSW Re-Admission Application.
  4. As part of the application, describe how you have dealt with the obstacle(s) or problem(s) that led to your not completing the program previously.
  5. As part of the application, provide the contact information for two faculty references. 
  6. If the student has been away from USI for one academic year or longer, the student must also apply for readmission to the university.

The Director of the BSW Program will work with students to review their status and request for readmission. If students are re-admitted, they will be required to follow the USI Bulletin in effect at the time of readmission. In order to count toward the BSW degree, course work must have been completed within seven years prior to a student’s enrollment in the first course(s) that count for degree credit in the program. For courses that exceed this time limit, students must either validate the previous credit or retake the course(s) in order to meet degree requirements. Validation requirements are determined by faculty who teach in each curriculum area.

Dismissed Students

Students who were dismissed from the BSW program and would like to reapply are required to use the full application procedure that all new applicants follow. They cannot use the re-admission application. 

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