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The Master of Arts in Second Language Acquisition, Policy and Culture (MASPC) degree includes study in three areas.

MASPC Curriculum

Students are required to complete 30 credit hours to earn the degree. Required courses are offered online.

Elective MASPC courses are offered in four formats: 

  • In-person courses: meet on campus in the evenings or Saturday mornings

  • Hybrid courses: Combination of face to face, synchronous online, and asynchronous online

  • Synchronous Online courses via Zoom

  • Asynchronous Online courses

The degree can be completed entirely online.

Required Courses

WLC 611 - Second Language Acquisition (3 credits)- Online only

WLC 699 - Thesis (3-6 credits) or WLC 698 - Written and Oral Comprehensive Exams (3 credits) WLC 699 and WLC 698 can be completed remotely or on campus during the fall or spring semesters.*

* Students must successfully complete 24 credit hours of coursework for approval from the program director to enroll in WLC 699 or WLC 698.

Elective Courses

Elective courses (21-24 credits) are taken in the areas of Second Language Acquisition, Policy and Culture through the World Languages and Cultures department, and the Communications, Political Science and Public Administration, English, and Teacher Education. Students can choose electives based on their professional interests but must take courses in all three areas. Course offerings vary from year to year.

The program includes two optional embedded ONLINE graduate certificate programs in TESOL and Cultural Awareness Training (CAT) that count towards the completion of the degree.  

Electives in Second Language Acquisition

WLC 523           Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Certificate (TESOL) (6 credits)

WLC 612           Language Learning Technology (3 credits)

WLC 613           Language Assessment (3 credits)

WLC 660           Practicum, Internship, Instructional Support (1-6 credits)

WLC 690           Special Topics in Second Language Acquisition (3 credits)

COMM 637       Critical Pedagogy (3 credits)


Electives in Policy

PA 606              Public and Nonprofit Personnel Administration (3 credits)

PA 614              Interpersonal Communication within Organizations (3 credits)

PA 631               Fundraising and Volunteer Administration (3 credits)

PA 632               Introduction to Public Administration (3 credits)

PA 644              Policies and Processes in the Public Sector (3 credits)

PA 684              Grant Writing (3 credits)

PA 690              Special Topics in Public Administration (3 credits)

Electives in Culture

WLC 522           Cultural Awareness Training (3 credits)

COMM 601        Foundations of Communication Theory ( 3 credits)

COMM 602       Qualitative Research Methods (3 credits)

COMM 603       Quantitative Research Methods (3 credits)

COMM 607       Teaching Communication (3 credits)

COMM 610       Seminar in Interpersonal Communication (3 credits)

COMM 615       Communication and Culture (3)

COMM 616       Seminar in Personal and Cultural Identity

COMM 614       Interpersonal Communication in Organizations (3 credits)

COMM 617       Instructional Communication (3 credits)

COMM 620       Special Topics in Organizational Communication

EDUC 604         Equity in Education (3 credits)

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